Healthy Ritual Of The Week: Dry Brushing!

Aug 4, 2012 | The Beautiful


I remember when I was in high school this Deepak Chopra craze was sweeping my school and everyone was scraping their tongue (don’t ask, we’ll go over that later!), covering themselves in sesame oil and dry brushing their skin.  Granted we were all about 15 and no one was that serious…or that toxic…yet…but I remembered the dry brushing years later and decided to take it for a spin.  Given that it increases circulation, exfoliates your skin, helps clean out your lymph glands and, some say, even decreases cellulite, dry brushing is a healthy ritual you should test drive as well!

Materials: All you need to dry brushing is a natural bristle brush that is softer than it seems and make expressly for this purpose.

Time: About 10-15 minutes a day, preferably in the morning, always before a shower!

To do it: Start at your head or your toes and, armed with your dry brush, start brushing your completely dry skin TOWARD your heart.  I like to start at the feet.  Some suggest circular motion on the feet, soles and all.  Brush in upward strokes on each leg, first from feet to knees, then knees to thighs.  Do circles on your butt , stomach and breasts and long strokes on the rest of your torso toward your heart.  Go up your arms in strokes from your hands toward your heart.  Brush in strokes from the nape of your neck down your spine (a long-handled brush helps for his one!).  I always skip my face (!) and neck, and avoid any irritated, sunburned or otherwise sensitive skin. 

Now, you will feel wide awake and energized.  Jump in the shower.  Try hydrotherapy to rock your world, or literally just take a nice shower and finish with a great natural moisurizer like raw shea butter, coconut or sesame oil!  Enjoy the feeling!   xoxo Dana


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