Take Advantage Of The Beauty In Beach Days!

Aug 13, 2012 | The Beautiful

It might seem that the beach days are dwindling, but its always a good time to take advantage of some extra vitamin D, natural salt air and the incredible healing power of water.  Here are a few things to put in your bag of tricks & try at the beach to make it a fabulous (and beautifying) adventure.

Pack Up A Beach Kit For The Month!!!

1. Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF 30+. I do no more than 10-15 minutes without sunscreen, and this is Chantal Moore’s pick for the best & safest of sunscreens. Some sunscreens are very dangerous and toxic, so please don’t mess around with what you put on your skin!  

2. A bottle filled with hair &  body oil. Jojoba or avocado oil are my personal favorite! A little jojoba oil can go a long way to deep conditioning  your hair while you get some sun. Make sure you bring a comb to get the great big knots out from the ocean before you bake them into your hair!

3. Castile soap doubles as shampoo. You will not be polluting the beach to shower off in the public outdoor shower with a little pure castile soap.  Its a great all-purpose way to remove the extra salt from your skin before a dinner or drive home. 

4. A giant umbrella.  Year-round if you are anywhere near a beach a great big umbrella will come in handy.  I do not recommend spending more than an hour, even with high SPF, on just about any beach in the world in the spring or summertime.

 5. A few lemons in your cooler packed with fresh fruit, waters and lots of salad. Not only should you slice lemons into your water, you can dip the very ends of your hair in a bit of lemon water for a natural ombre  effect without any chemicals! The sun will do the rest.  A cucumber for your water and a few slices for your eyes to chill out in the umbrella shade and de-puff  is all you need for instant refreshment.

6. Sand is the simplest body scrub ever!  If you are lucky enough to find some fine sand, you can exfoliate your legs, feet and elbows with a little sand massage.  Be gentle, though, because over-scrubbed, irritated skin will sting in the water & you will look the opposite of polished!

 7. Try some color breathing in the sun. This may sound radical but its totally rejuvenating.  Look at the chart above.  Breathe the color red (envision red coming in to your tailbone with your breath and out as you exhale) into the base of your spine, and move your way up, breathing each color as shown above as you work your way up the rainbow of your body.  Keep breathing in complete rainbow cycles and feel your energy glowing!

Enjoy! The summer is not nearly over yet!  xoxo Dana


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