Healthy Home Detox: Go Fake Fragrance Free!

Aug 14, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

If you have allergies, immune system issues or feel brain-foggy, your home may need a bit more of a detox to support your wellness!  Eliminating the chemical scents from your home is a big step toward “clearing the energy” in your house.

Why are fake fragrances a toxic culprit?  Well, about 95% of these “fragrances” listed on your Pine Sol, Windex, paper products, air fresheners, and toiletries and even  dish and laundry detergents are petroleum-based chemicals formulated in a lab.  Because they can be listed as “Fragrance” or “perfume” you can never be sure what chemicals are included in the mix.  Listings of scent ingredients in our products are unregulated, and only have to be labelled on the package as “fragrance.”   These petrochemical substances have been suggested as potential carcinogens, neurological poison and may cause hormone disruption and birth defects in babies.  I can say with certainty my allergies have radically dissipated as I have purged the hidden “fragrance” loaded into just about everything you can imagine in your home.

Want fresh air? Try aromatherapy.  Use only pure essential oil and  follow proper safety guidelines and you will find that not only does your life smell better, that pure scent can actually better your mood, energy and health!  Much, much more to come on aromatherapy, but for now…check your labels and start ditching the petrochemical fragrances!  xoxo Dana


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