Love Feng Shui Q & A: The Warrior Woman Picture

Sep 4, 2012 | Prosperity

A reader sent me this super interesting feng shui love question:
“I’ve heard that if you’re looking for love it’s best not to have any photos or artwork of single women around. Now I suppose this technically makes sense but I’m not really havin’ it. I found a wicked print I’d like to put on the wall behind my desk of a “warrior” girl; I think it would create some awesome vibes that I’m gonna kick ass in work and life. But I would also like to be in a relationship and don’t want to muddy that up. Is it possible to balance this out by putting a photo of a couple in the love corner, or candles, etc.? There’s got to be a solution because we can be both strong and independent AND looking for love. What do you think?”

My answer:

Here is my thought – as well as my personal challenge(and the personal challenge of many super-strong woman who are kicking ass in life) :  there is nothing wrong with being a warrior in your work life but in your relationship, if you want a man who behaves like a typical man (ie, he is the man, he opens the door for you, he takes initiative, he pursues you, he cherishes your feelings, etc) then you have to shake that warrior-woman attitude off  before you go out on dates and socializing.   If you start “warrior-esque” behavior (its hard to shake) while socializing (being aggressive, etc) you can find yourself attracting weak dudes who want YOU to be the man in the relationship!  Its yin & yang.  There is no place for two leaders in a relationship that is balanced.  Two people can kick ass in their careers, for sure, but at home and in a relationship, if the energy is not defined, problems arise!    I’m not suggesting you become a doormat in your relationships…just more open, feminine and receptive.  Dr. Pat Allen’s books are a great resource for the yin & yang of relationships.  

Put up your warior picture in your WORKSPACE, kick ass in your career and life, but let yourself embrace being receptive and “female” energy too.


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