15 Reasons To Use & Love Coconut Oil!

Sep 6, 2012 | Food-Shui

I just love Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  In fact, I love it so much that I personally use it in about 12 different ways in an average week!  Here are the most user-friendly ways I have found to experience the major benefits of this delicious oil that is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and endlessly useful for heart, thyroid and overall body health!

1. Hair conditioning treatment: coconut oil straight on dry hair. Leave on for a full night… or longer.. then shampoo out.
2. Eye makeup remover: coconut oil on a tissue or cotton pad= best makeup remover I have ever used!
3. Cook with it! Coconut oil can get hottt and still remain stable in form, so it is an excellent cooking oil.
4. Smoothies can benefit from the fat-fighting, energizing properties of a scoop of coconut oil.
5. Remove paint from oil paint brushes- yes, in lieu of toxic paint removers, try some coconut oil to clean your brushes and your hands and splattered skin!
6. Doggie dry skin benefits tremendously from coconut oil.  I use it on bob’s little rashes, dry spots and, yes, he loves to eat it too!
7. Mix with some sugar (I like brown sugar) to make a body scrub that is extra-emollient and smells soooooo good!
8.  I use extra virgin coconut oil as an all-over moisturizer.  I literally pour it on morning & night.  I am a zealous moisture-lover.  You can do less, I am sure, and still benefit!
9. Mix with a bit of peppermint oil to create a natural bug repellent.  Only a bit of essential oil in this mix, please, because peppermint can burn your skin…and always patch-test first!
10. Safe cleaning & polishing leather & furniture: patch test a bit of your furniture before attempting a whole piece, but you can get great results from a bit of coconut oil on a soft rag.
11. Feed a small bit to cats to help stop fur balls.  Animals tend to LOVE it! 
12. My massage oil of choice is coconut.  A bit of vanilla essential oil, or rose, lavender
13. My favorite oil for oil pulling.  What is oil pulling? My new obsession! More on this HERE.
14.  Rub a bit of coconut oil inside your nose to slow down a terrifically bad allergy spell.
15. Bake with coconut oil in place of butter (so delicious!). Its easiest to work with when stored in the refrigerator as a solid so it can be scooped and measured without running.

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  1. Val

    Like you, the first obvious reason why I love using coconut oil is that it can be used as a natural hair conditioning treatment. I actually use this every day. My mom was the first one who taught me how to use it and I continuously do it until now.



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