Feng Shui Q & A: I Need A New Bedroom Color

Sep 8, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

A reader sent out a feng shui question in response to my latest post on feng shui for happiness at Mind Body Green about her bedroom:  “It’s been light purple (lilac) for years and I need a change. I need something that cheers me up by looking at it… I know that for a bedroom maybe something more relaxing is recommended, but this lilac with the poor sunlight that comes through the window does not help my sadness sometimes.”

My thoughts on picking a new color: before you do anything, get more lighting! And like I said go for some full-spectrum light that helps lift you mood and keeps color more true around you.  Now, my question to you is “what kind of sadness” are you experiencing? Sadness that is teary or mopey? A little rose color (light, not deep and dark) can add color to the space in a positive way.  Sadness with anxiety? Use more earth in a buttery tan or creamy yellow to calm down and get stronger.  Of course, pick shades that you love.  And for an even cooler and more exciting solution, try textured wallpaper to add more sensory richness with color!


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