Healthy Habit Of The Week: Do A Little Yoga!

Sep 10, 2012 | Prosperity

Have you  fallen prey to the all-or-nothing exercise mentality?  You know, ” I am going to the gym 5 times a week” or ” I don’t go to the gym at all” mindset? I certainly have in the past, and I have suffered for the extreme thought by becoming stiff, un-athletic and even sorta melancholy at times. But… this year I bought myself a yoga mat and committed to 15 minutes a day of yoga.  Just 15. That’s all I owe myself every day, no matter how hard or easy that yoga will be: I will do 15 minutes.

So far, 15 minutes of yoga a day is the best decision I have made to balance my life physically!

For years I read tons of awesome yoga articles on Mind Body Green and think, ” Oh, one day I will get back to yoga!” And since a very big yoga studio in LA is a few blocks from my house and I have only gone a handful of times in 3 years, I know that “one day” will not come if I rely on my schedule to change!

The reasons to do even just a little yoga? Studies have shown that just 15 minutes of yoga a few times a week can dramatically reduce chronic back  pain.  Yoga has been proven to increase energy, better your mood, help your bones, improve your confidence, lower stress levels, help balance your internal organs, clear out the lymph… I mean, I could go on and on and on…the benefits are endless! 

Oh, and in a feng shui sense, yoga increases the wood energy in your life, making you more creative, prosperous and socially adaptable.  Nice, huh?!

Enough compelling research to try even a few minutes a day of yoga?!  I am buying myself the gift of anytime yoga in the form of Tara Stiles new set of DVD’s: This Is Yoga.  This is exciting!  Since I don’t have the type of schedule that lends itself to making a class every day, this is my way of having a class available to me at any time.  Give it a go! Its a small investment on every level to have a much healthier life without dramatically flipping your world upside down to get started!


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  1. Hailey

    Yoga is absolutely fantastic!
    If you want a wonderful– and free!– instructor, look up Esther Ekhart on YouTube. She has so many videos, and I love the way she teaches. On her website she has hour+ long classes that you pay for, but her YouTube channel is completely free.
    Me and my boyfriend try to do some yoga every day, and we notice results immediately. 🙂

  2. Bianca Boc

    Some tips for yoga matte color , when practice at home, in the center of the rooms?
    Yellow? thanky:)

    • danaclaudat

      Your yoga mat can be any color you like!!! 🙂 Certain colors will influence you in certain ways, but you have to have an affinity for it!


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