Not Sure How To Hang All Those Pictures?

Sep 20, 2012 | Life With Art

Photos are a very personal way of imprinting your environment with your inner life, memories and visions for the future.  Photos do not needed to be mounted and framed and hung professionally to have impact.  There are creative ways to show off your photography and even have the ability to swap out the images on display easily.  Here are some DIY photo-hanging ideas to get you excited!

The image above leading this post is an example of easy elegance in picture hanging.  Simple, inexpensive acrylic clip frames house images that are assembled to form an “amoeba” shape on the wall.  How to hang this? 3M Picture Hanging Strips are a nail-free way to hang these lightweight frames!  Although I never suggest this for anything heavy-weight, in the case of these very lightweight plastic frames, adhesive strips might just do the trick!

What about clothespins and some twine to hang your snapshots?

Or a magnetic board from Ikea that can hold your photos with magnetic tape stuck on the back of each?


Rather than hanging up art, what about hanging up clipboards that can hold interchangeable art??

This grid of self-framed artwork looks more expensive when hung in a grid upon a a colorful wall.

And, this idea of pictures on shelves is a great one— but 1. please still secure them in place with brackets, etc, and 2. hang the shelves professionally unless you are very skilled… and 3. unlike the illustration above, don’t put seating beneath these shelves!

Do you have picture hanging ideas to share? Send pics! xoxo Dana


  1. Rommy

    I was just thinking about this today. Thank you for posting. Do you have a link for the acrylic clip frames? Love that!

    • danaclaudat

      IKEA has them usually, as do most most art supply stores!



  1. Angie Monasterio - […] simple (and even nail-free) ways to hang your photos…right HERE!!! xoxo […]

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