Feng Shui Q & A: I Want To Travel!

Oct 6, 2012 | Creativity

A reader sent in a really interesting question: ” I am a huge fan of your blog! It’s a fantastic resource. Could you please answer 1 question for me? I am a recent graduate, so i still have a roommate in my room. However, the Travel Bagua area (extreme right on the same wall as the door) is in my side of the room. I really want to relocate and travel. What can I put in my Travel Bagua area to bring about this change in my life? Thank you soo much.”

My Answer:

I’m going to say something very unorthodox but very my style… If you want to relocate & travel, relocate and travel!!! Keep your room in good shape, of course, but get going and start finding either a job or an academic opportunity that will enable you to hit the road. Nothing in your room can make that happen faster than YOU!!!

Often we look for some “sign” from the universe that says that we can do whatever it is we desire.  You do not need permission from anyone except you to make those opportunities happen.  Nothing in your room can actually get you the opportunity or the plan to hit the road, and I don’t belive in teaching people that one little change will make anything fall in your lap without your participation in life.

But, don’t I do feng shui to help make things happen for people? YEP.  Sometimes, though, LIFE feng shui is so much more important than HOME feng shui.  Its all about balance, flow & more prosperity.  This sounds like a change of routine that could do well by you- be it waking up much earier to brainstorm or getting a side job to sock away your starter cash- and making sure you are eating right and saying yes to heathy, creative opportiunities.

Does this make sense?!  I hope so! Happy travels! Please send me pix from the road 😉 xoxo Dana


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