Healthy Home Detox: Clean Out The Refrigerator!

Oct 24, 2012 | Prosperity

There are parts of your home so integral to your nourishment and prosperity(fridge, oven…the kitchen in general!), yet so often we neglect them.  Today’s little home detox reminder is to clean your refrigerator!!!

A healthy refrigerator is regularly cleaned, well-stocked and, ideally,  filled with food that has actual life force rather than junky chemical-rich food. 

The first step? Clean out your present refrigerator.  Remove everything from your refrigerator and check the expiration dates as you do.  Properly dispose whatever has spoiled, recycling as many containers as possible. I like to use warm to hot water (because the refrigerator is cold) mixed with a bit of mild castile soap or baking soda to wipe every surface in the refrigerator.  Remove the crisper bin and clean beneath it.  Clean the seal on the door.  I dry things off with a clean, dry cloth before restocking the food that will remain.

If you do this prior to grocery shopping it can help you to both create an actual shopping list and also to understand how you may be wasting food by overstocking certain things that you don’t use. This exercise also shines a light on how many preservatives, chemicals, sugars and other manufactured and processed items you might be consuming… and could prompt you to make small changes toward more natural, whole food.

Not a cook, so you feel that groceries are a waste? Start cooking now!  Even steaming veggies or making simple sautes and salads can get your creative energy flowing and connect you more closely to your own nutrition, your primary source of energy & vitality!


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. Kim

    Hi Dana, How much should stock should I put in fridge/oven placement? Our fridge is literally right next to the microwave/oven. That placement can’t be changed, it is how the kitchen was built. I’ve read you should hang a crystal in between the two…but even that is slightly difficult since there is literally only 1 -2 inches of wall space between the two! Is this going overboard or relevant? It would be easier for us to hang a crystal above the fridge vs. next to it. Any thoughts on this placement of appliances? I am sure a lot of other homes are set up this way. Thanks!

    • danaclaudat

      I don’t hang crystals in people’s homes. Keep both in great working order and keep the whole kitchen feng shui excellent and that’s pretty much all I personaly do.


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