5 Eco-Friendly DIY Wreaths To Make Right Now!

Oct 25, 2012 | Home Style

Circles have a way of capturing the attention.  There is no beginning and no end to a circle, and there are no sharp edges.  While traditional holiday wreaths may resonate within certain religious traditions, today we are going to dive into the land of DIY and find some totally secular wreaths that can magnetize your door or an area of your home you want to highlight… and, yes, also make the season more festive! AND, when you re-use and repurpose to make your crafts, the results are doubly great! 

Gwynn Wasson created an amazing DIY candy wreath above  that you can fashion from last season’s stale candy and some other repurposed goodies. 

If you want to create a little more “creative flavor” in the kitchen, what about this tea wreath from Kojo Designs? You can clip on any kind of tea you’d like,  creating your own unique “theme”. 

What to do with an old sweater or three? Make a wreath, of course!!!  Anna Getty provides a how-to on Eco Stiletto that rocks!

One of my favorite ways to use yarn scraps- pom-pom making!  BlueBird Vintage provides a pom-pom wreath how-to that is beyond charming.

And, of course…what will you do with those tree ornaments from the past few years languishing in a closet? Create an ornament wreath, of course!!!  Thrify Decor Chick breaks down this project to get an easy, glamorous product!


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  1. Marcy

    I definitely want to try out the candy wreath. That looks very easy and fun to make.


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