Clocks & The Rhythm Of Your Day

Nov 14, 2012 | Home Style


(Stefan Strumbel)

Clocks affect people in very unique ways.  Considering the fact that we all experience time differently (for some it flies, for others it seems to go by slowly and for others it drags), an old fashion clock seems to become a unifying way of creating an agreement of some sort as to the rate that moments pass.  Clocks have rhythm not unlik e a heartbeat (the clock we all live by).  Clocks can also be menacing to those who feel that they have the ability to bend and create time (in essence, you can since its all just perspective that makes time real).  

A reader sent me a message telling me that after applying some basic feng shui techniques to her bathroom that she was inspired to add a giant clock to the wall.  That clock, she explained, seemed to slow down the “draining” effect of the bathroom plumbing and made her life seem more “on point.” 

(Christian Marclay from Paula Cooper Gallery)

Fondly remembering our 5:00 sharp dinner as a child in New Jersey with the clock firmly on the wall, this message made me think not just about hanging up clocks but also about time and one’s lifestyle.  If you are always late for things, a clock can feel punitive and restricting in your living room.  If you feel that time is something to be better managed, could a grandfather clock or a cuckoo clock in your office create a sense of ceremony to designate hours passing in the day?  Could you use a clock to create a greater sense of momentum in an area of your home where you feel stuck?

(Stefan Strumbel)

I will say this: I am going to use clocks much more to fine-tune areas in certain homes that are lacking needed lifestyle structure or falling flat and feeling stuck!  Could you use a clock to your advantage?


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. Hannah

    This is really interesting to me. It wasn’t until reading this post that I realized that we have no clocks in the house. The only objects we use to tell time are things that have other purposes (phones, computers, microwave). Our apartment is FULL of feng shui errors and it’s going to be a long-term goal to create a more harmonious home, but I wonder if adding a nice, energetic clock or two will help to move things along?

    • danaclaudat

      Is there a place that would feel more “structured” or officially appointed with a clock? If so, go for it! Little by little, change spaces as they occur to you. Bit my bot, the energy shifts! And… stay tuned. My first DIY feng shui guide is coming soon!!! 😉 xx Dana


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