Feng Shui Giveaway: Win Yourself Serenity Health’s Moonshadow Tabletop Fountain!

Nov 28, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Any day is a good day to give away a gorgeous fountain!  Serenity Health is giving away a fountain that I selected for one of you- a Moonshadow Tabletop Fountain- to a lucky reader! 

First, if you aren’t that feng shui-familiar, fountains- both indoor and outdoor-  are a common cure for many homes and lives that need motion, action, and vivacity.  Moving water is one of the most powerful agents of change in nature.  In fact, the elements of water and fire are the ones that create the most dramatic changes. 

Water, in the feng shui element chain, is the start of a fresh cycle.  We are largely composed of water ourselves, so this element tends to move us emotionally and physically as well as energetically, and when you add the dose of illumination and natural grace of this fountain, you have a sense of being grounded in nature that is empowering.

You can use this fountain anywhere in your home except your bathrooms and bedroom (bathroom has quite enough water, bedroom does not need this level of action).  Place is wherever your home feels stuck and needs brightening.  Its great on a desktop where you have a hard time focusing.  Its fabulous in a foyer.  Keep it clean and filled with fresh water and you will be feeling the flow.

To enter: leave a comment below and a word (or a many) below & you are in the running to win this Moonshadow Tabletop Fountain on December 7th!  

xoxo Dana


  1. Jamie English

    That is quite beautiful and the feng shui sounds like perfect timing…..so pick me, pick me :0)

  2. Nicole

    It’s beautiful!

  3. Shari Cable

    B*E*A* UTIFUL! I love how just reading about it I could feel the flow! A very generous prize for someone! <3 …how many comments can I leave for extra chances? 😉 jk

    • danaclaudat

      🙂 just one will do! Serenity Health will be picking the winner so I wish you super-luck!xx

  4. Anjali

    Mmmmmm…the very thought of this fountain soothes me! I would be thrilled to add it to my fledgling calming-space. 🙂

  5. Cloe

    Oh waouh I lucky we are! Thank you so much beautiful Dara. The fountain is awesome. Lots of love

  6. Jayne

    My home/apartment’s *name* is Serenity … and this would be a beautiful fountain to have in my entryway to welcome in new health and prosperity!

    • danaclaudat

      Jayne, you are the winner!!! Please send me your addess details to dana@fengshuidana.com and I will foward on to Serenity Health to send you your fountain! Congrats!!!!! xoxo Dana

  7. Erin

    Wow. This fountain is absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it! I hope I’m the lucky reader 🙂

  8. Nick Mattos

    This is a fabulous fountain! I can already imagine two spots where it’d be perfect — in my office, where I’m currently working on actualizing a new book project, as well as in my living room where I’m trying to cultivate more vivacity. I certainly hope I win!

  9. Megan V

    Oh wow! This fountain is beautiful and would help me as I continue my senior year of college!

  10. Sarah

    Feng Shui fountain. WANT. Ohh I’d love to win it 🙂 Crossing my fingers!

  11. eleni Johnson

    Looks like a beautiful fountain You out in to words, thoughts, straight from my experiences. –>”We are largely composed of water ourselves, so this element tends to move us emotionally and physically as well as energetically, and when you add the dose of illumination and natural grace of this fountain, you have a sense of being grounded in nature that is empowering” Thanks! Looking forward to this experience every day –

  12. Nohemi

    Oooh, that is beautiful! My life could definitely use an energy boost. A fountain might be exactly what I need.

  13. Lili

    Thank you for the beautiful post! As you’ve mentioned, water is the start of a fresh cycle. I’m hoping to get a clean slate and start fresh again with my partner as we’ve been facing quite a few difficulties in our relationship and his career. Our entire apartment has exposed internal beams and it would be great to balance out the wood energy with some positive flow of empowerment. In my opinion, one of the other reasons why this ‘Moonshadow Tabletop Fountain’ looks so appealing is because the moon shaped slate face evidently represents the moon where as the illuminating lower base represents the setting sun. In Buddhism, sunlight symbolizes wisdom that nurtures goodness with warmth, and moonlight symbolizes compassion that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Wisdom and compassion are the two most important attributes of Buddhism. These attributes ring very deep with me and the Moonshadow Tabletop Fountain would make a beautiful representation of it.

    Thank you for the consideration and serene health to everyone 😉


  14. Janet

    Have really enjoyed learning about Feng Shui and receiving your daily tips and inspirational quotes! Thank u!

  15. Janine

    This would be a great addition to the changes I’ve begun to implement in my life. My focus is on moving forward in a beneficial way and this fountain appearing as a giveaway item is a wonderful reminder (and sign) that I am on the right track. Thanks to Dana and Serenity Health for making this offer possible.

  16. Marcy

    What a gorgeous fountain. This is just in time, I was looking online for a fountain a few days ago. I love the colors, simplicity, and elegance of this fountain. Thanks!

  17. chris

    It’s beautiful and I want it

  18. Rachael


  19. Evie

    I would love to win it as I am attempting to change my life for the better. I have made some big strides and having an item that encourages motion would be a huge help. I still suffer from ‘afternoon sleepies’ and it almost always kills the rest of my day.

    Thanks so much Dana for pick it out for is and huge thanks to Serenity Health for giving it away!

  20. Hannah

    I would love to win this for my mum, who has been looking for something like this!

  21. Samantha Hughes

    I would love to have this fountain because the sound of fountains helps me sleep at night and I don’t have one.

  22. Bongi

    Ghee. It’s awkward to have to plead why I deserve that fountain. I don’t really deserve it but I’d love it! Is loyalty a factor? Because I’ve been a fan of Feng Shui’d Dana for a while. I’m the girl that emailed you a few summer’s ago about my room. I wasn’t sure if I should keep my Panda on display or not. You said to leave him out and so I have 🙂

    Also, when I was little I saw an episode of the rugrats that focused on feng shui. There was a feng shui consultant going to the family restaurant to rearrange the place to help them get some new customers. Since that episode I started rearranging the furniture in my room every couple of months and saying I was “doing feng shui”. LOL, I was like 7.

    I started mediating this year and I have two small feng shui arrangements in my room. My goal for 2013 is to be an artist. I am an artist. By that I mean, I want to practice expressing myself with artful displays (drawing, painting, dressing, feng shui, dancing, and musically) as much as possible. That fountain would be a great too.

    Back to my goal! The idea is almost like a lyric from my favorite artists, “Amongst all the marketing schemes, I try my hardest to embarke within the artist in me, wear my heart on my sleeve…”

    I am going yo be an artist in 2013 🙂 If I don’t win that fountain though… That’s fine! I still love you!

  23. Gabby

    I’m an artist in need for more creativity enhancing elements to my room/work area. I’ve been going through a art/music block lately and I’m convinced a water touch in my room is what’s missing. I absolutely love the stone which reminds me of a full moon on a rainy day. My favorite kind of weather. Whoever it goes to will surely be gifted.

    And thanks Dana for all your excellent advice you have to offer! 🙂

  24. Brittany

    Ooh, very nice! I would love to win- I’ve recently had to move into a very bare place, and a fountain would definitely bring a little cheer and life to my space.

  25. S

    I’ve been looking for a tabletop fountain as I’ve been having massive creative block lately. I think this will help 🙂 Thanks, Dana!

  26. Caitlyn Rainey

    Not only would I love it, but my cat would love it. 🙂

  27. Neil Heerschap

    My comment would be I never won anything in my life, horse shoes are not in these pockets. 🙂 but I enjoy watching others win I get a lot out of that joy to the point that it doesn’t matter if I win or not. 🙂

  28. Terryn

    I’d love to win this fountain because I am dedicating the next year to moving forward in my life and it definitely sounds like this could help me!

  29. College Student with Fountain Needs.

    My dorm room is boring and it needs this awesomeness!

  30. God's Lady

    I like to win it because it’s pretty.

  31. Tiffany Hodgson

    So I have this dream: I finally make that move – from out of my parents home and into my own space. Where everything around me are things which I earned with my own money. My dream is to decorate my home with eclectic things, things that have a story. I could see this fountain as a part of that manifested dream.

    But if I do not win it, may whoever does enjoy it fully 🙂

  32. Aurora

    I can imagine placing this piece in a sacred space to help ground me in my meditation. Very watery and earthy vibes, I love it!

  33. Leah Vaughn

    I am graduating from Baylor University in 15 days and i am new to all this but i am going to need a lot of serenity in the remainder of 2012 and i intend to keep it for the rest of my life. I have just recently discovered this site and started to see the good that meditation and feng shui can do (plus eating a bit healthier- baby steps right?).
    I am making this a lifelong change and i know that i am at a tipping point in my life where the decisions i make will follow me for the rest of my life.

  34. Jose Hernandez

    I am attempting to start from a novel point. For example, I shaved my head since I felt it represented change and have become a vegan. I appreciate the elements as well. Peace be with you!

  35. Ana

    I have recently moved into a much smaller apartment. Still adapting to changes in my life, still having things in boxes. I would appreciate a helping hand in form of this soothing fountain to balance myself and my apartment. Thank you 🙂

  36. Jen

    I would love this for my marriage. It’s been up and down lately.

  37. Cala

    Unique and beautiful…it will bless the one it is meant to be with.

  38. Jorge

    I love pudding

  39. Jasmine W.

    I would love to have the gift of this- it looks so peaceful and refreshing.

  40. michelle zaldumbide

    This is so beautiful ! I have been visualizing my garden that I will be creating in my new home and this would be such a wonderful addition! I am hoping to create a sanctuary for local animals, my cats and anyone else who comes by and wants to heal in the garden!..I know that water is a powerful element and I would be blessed to receive this but if not I know this will end up in the right place!

    Thank you!!! 🙂
    Michelle Z

  41. Sveta

    wat a funny thing!;-))

  42. Lucas Dawson

    Saw your post for a chance to win this fountain and I had to enter. I have been looking for a fountain to put in my room since recently moving in to my new place, but haven’t found one yet. I was hoping to get one as the sound of running water is very relaxing for me and helps myself to get to sleep. Sure hope I have a shot in this contest. Love your blog, keep the awesome posts flowing.
    One Love & Namaste,
    Lucas Dawson.

  43. Linds

    Gorgeous and serene. I would love to brighten and earthen my room as I live in a basement and this would be perfect.

  44. Calandra

    I’ve been trying to introduce feng shui into my small college dormroom, and thus far have gotten so many compliments on the feel of my room (when it’s clean). This fountain would be a perfect edition and I really hope I win it! It’d be the best early christmas present ever.

  45. Cindy

    I have been telling my husband all week that we need a water feature in our house. I was thinking in our very long hallway. This one looks perfect x

  46. Kristin

    That’s so beautiful! I love fountains and am trying to add more to my home right now. It’s just so hard trying to find ones that look great and ARE great as well!

  47. Carol

    It is beautiful….. simply beautiful and peaceful. I can almost hear the water moving when I look at it. I would place it on my desk at home so I could listen to the sound of music (moving water) while I am looking for a job. Peace love and hugs!! Thank you so much for your wonderful post Dana!! They are much appreicated. ;^)

  48. Kat Wilson

    I love the design of this, with the different types of rock and the metal pipe, and especially the way the water runs down the big rock instead of splashing directly into a pool. Absolutely stunning, and I know exactly where it would go in my home if I won. 🙂

  49. Jeneca

    I love it! Your blog is my favorite.

  50. Lena

    when I saw this my heart chakra leeped and my tummy warmed at its serene beauty …. but when I read I could possibly win it my smile took ahold of my face lol ! good luck everyone ! Lena

    • Lena

      and now the song moonshadow is playing over and over in my head and soon to be on my lips !

  51. Guillaume Bastian

    This fountain is so beautiful and peaceful, I love it!

  52. somi

    I love it 🙂


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