Gerry Katzman Teaches Us To Become Funnier- YES! FUNNIER!

Jan 28, 2013 | Creativity


(John Baldessari)

Laughter is powerful life-changing stuff. When you physically smile, the rest of your body responds chemically and emotionally in a positive way.  The art of being funny is magnetic, appealing and even sexy in many ways.  Being able to approach things from a lighter perspective diffuses the hard edges in life. But we aren’t all intuitively “funny” people!   How do you LEARN to be funny?  Today we will learn in 5 minutes (!) from the teacher of the Best Comedy Class in Los Angeles, comedy guru- Gerry Katzman- how to be much funnier!

I’ve known the brilliant actor, comedian, magician and comedy teacher Gerry Katzman for years, since our days of acting together at The Beverly Hills Playhouse.  I’ve watched Gerry on Comedy Central, on network-television sitcoms, dramas and movies- but in addition to being hilarious, Gerry does something that most funny-men can’t do- unpack the psychology of what makes people laugh and teach it to you in 5 minutes.
Gerry’s alumni write for “Ellen,” appear on “Oprah” and win Emmys, so this is pretty advanced yet very simple stuff you are about to see.  Here’s a sneak peak of the magic available if you embrace your ability to tell your story and make people laugh! Click above (or right HERE) and you will be funnier in 5 minutes!
Thank you Gerry!!!  Amazing! xoxo Dana  (Oh, P.S., if you are in Los Angeles, you might just get lucky enough to study with him in his live classes. Check it out here! )

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