2013: The Year Of The Water Snake

Feb 1, 2013 | Feng Shui 101


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The Chinese New Year is dawning on the 10th of this month, and year of the Water Snake is upon us! My brilliant feng shui  teacher, master and mentor Dr. Gabriele Van Zon (her site, Feng Shui Universal) has wrote an amazing piece on the year of the Water Snake and what that symbolically means and I wanted to share it with you right away!  Enjoy!

From Dr. Gabriele Van Zon of Feng Shui Universal (my teacher and mentor!)

Greetings to all who share the wisdom of feng shui!

The Year of the Water Snake!

tumblr_lett54wibR1qzh64ro1_400This year the Chinese New Year begins on February 10th. After our turbulent year of man-made and natural disasters, the weary Water Dragon slinks away, and out slithers the Water Snake. And fortunately, with all five elements present in Chinese astrological charts, the Water Snake brings a fresh set of energies to the New Year.

With no element missing, the year’s outlook will be positive, bringing harmony with fewer obstacles and problems. A new sense of calm pervades the year, and everyone will have a chance to see better times
ahead. People will refocus their goals and work to create a new world order. As seen from a feng shui perspective, the Water Snake suggests that the spirits of the Earth will be helpful rather than destructive.

We are moving from the strong yang of the Dragon to the mysterious yin of the Snake. That means outward activity will shift from Dragon, the doer, to inward sensitivities of Snake, the thinker. 2013 will be a special year that should bring advances for scientists and scholars. The Snake picks up vibes and senses inner truths causing falsehoods to be revealed and exposed.

Advice for the Snake year of 2013: Pause and reflect on the past as well as plan for the future. Like the Snake shedding its skin, let go of all attachments – emotional, mental, physical, financial, and spiritual – that may be holding you back. The Water Snake will bring transformation, rebirth and new beginnings.

On an individual level, the Snake is very sophisticated and prefers a cultural home environment. The Snake is elegant and graceful with a flair for luxurious comfort. We might want to think about enhancing our environment with feng shui adjustments that would endorse these characteristics of the Snake. Clever balancing of the elements in your
living space will replicate in the microcosm what seems so promising on the macro scale. Adding a little extra metal in your living space will also feed the water element that is so closely related to the year’s
tendencies. Earth and metal add resources to water in the productive cycle of the elements, symbolically creating wealth. Also, a little sparkle will lift the spirit.

The Snake is private and secretive, appears to be lazy, and loves to go on vacation. However, keen and cunning, intelligent and wise, the Snake is working hard behind the scenes, putting great value on material wealth.

While Ahead, Let’s Make Hay With Pyramid Feng Shui!

Thank you Gabriele! This is brilliant and inspiring!!! xoxo Dana



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