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Feb 11, 2013 | Creativity


On Friday I said ” I am all written out…”  Between five different publications, this blog, emails, reports…and the Homie Award voting… whew!  My Internet coma  set in.  My ability to form a full sentence was….

Just like that.

So, I revisited a lot of my old-school creative tricks this weekend (the first of which is LOTS OF SLEEP!) and realized that it was time to dive back into the feng shui of creativity!  Not many artists embrace the idea of making bad art!   So, by pushing too hard instead of flowing they either get  frustrated or exhausted & the result is a “block.” Lets fix that “flow”…!

Making a lot of art is not an infinite process if you aren’t feeding yourself with energy & experiences.  Just like you can’t run a marathon well without refueling along the way, you can’t keep up a creative marathon- or even a creative life on a less rigorous level- without feeding yourself energetic & artistic food! (and real food, too!!!)

Here are two easy ways to keep fuel in your life to create!


(I love my vintage copy of CVJ by Julian Schnabel)

1. Collect books and artwork filled with inspiring (rather than purely decorative or “cool”) imagery & ideas.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many coffee table books are “just for show” and their owners have no connection to the images around them!


(Ingres’ Odalisque revives with some music)

2. Let yourself take breaks and celebrate your- even small- advances!  Celebration creates milestones along the road.  Without acknowledging your progress, you can fall prey to doubt, frustration… and more blocks!



There are hundreds of super-fun creativity-boosting ideas!  I created a free class on Learn It Live  to introduce some big creative concepts I’ve seen work awesomely well and hopefully kick off or fuel up  a new wave of creativity in your life!  (and mine, too 😉  You can sign up HERE!

xoxo  Dana


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