Amazing Coupledome: Love Feng Shui You Definately Haven’t Heard!

Feb 18, 2013 | Prosperity

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(Ellen von Unwerth) 

Today’s love feng shui is something you haven’t heard… unless you already know the brilliant sex & intimacy expert Kim Anami!   Her method is a mix of sexual wisdom and ancient teaching along with what she calls ” mental feng shui” (and its so incredible you can’t even imagine!)!  Kim first introduced me to a jade egg  (check it out here) that all of you ladies can use to become magnetic in both a sexual and a creative way.  Wild to say that an egg could do so much…  but her technique truly works.

From the first time we met, I realized that Kim’s was not a teaching that I knew or experienced before- it was about harnessing the power of sex and letting it transform your life.  She acknowledged the difference between great, “gourmet”  sex and the disconnected “junk food sex” that may just give sex a bad rap in some quarters.  As a teacher, “guide” and a person she’s surreal in her presence and depth.  She doesn’t half-do things, which I love so much.


(Ellen von Unwerth) 

Kim just launched a salon course on coupledom, and I had to share with you the videos… they will shine a tremendous light on what an adventure “Coming Together” (I love that title!) rather than drifting apart in boredom can actually be.  Check out her “Coming Together” video series HERE and hop into her salon before she closes it for this cycle.  Its unique energy & mind feng shui…as well as more sensory goodness than you could ever imagine..  to start revolutionizing your love life in a very dynamic fashion!  Let me know how you feel about all this upleveled sexually revitalized coupledome perspective after you watch! Its very exciting love shui for your day.  xoxo Dana


  1. Aurora

    Kim Anami is amazing and I love her wisdom. Thank you so much for introducing me to her work!

    • Aurora

      introducing us* 😉


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