Piggy Bank Fever: Start Saving Those Pennies!

Mar 7, 2013 | Prosperity

piggy bank

(adorable custom piggy on Etsy)

Seriously folks, I am willing to bet that a lot of you have loose change in places that neve rsee the light of day: old wallets, purses, under sofas, in luggage, in your drawers, your car… And you think: “Eh, its just pennies.”  Well, what if you tossed those pennies into a cool pig.  Those “just pennies” , if you feel you don’t need them yourself, could buy meals for the needy, help an animal get adopted or contribute to charity.  Those “just pennies” add up.

Moreover, if you have a focus on the action of saving, you might just start setting aside some more savings yourself.  You start the flow, and the flow builds momentum. I’ve had a piggy bank turn into a big savings account.

Here is a roundup of my present-favorite piggy banks on Etsy.  They are so adorable, I want them all!

piggy bank

This vintage piggy bank from This Lala’s shop is magnetically endearing!

piggy banks

The Pig Pen’s personalized pigs have a look of wonder on their faces.

piggy banks

Michèle Hastings Pottery makes droves of made-to-order pigs with corked snouts!

piggy banks

Fruit Fly Pie does Mexican Vintage Inspired Piggy Banks (and also planters and other fun ceramics).

winged piggy bank

How incredible is this winged-pig bank?!

Love love love!

And yes, you can put your loose change  in a cup or a jar or a bowl but pigs are always a good thing!

xoxo Dana

PS:  The Cash Camp is coming soon, with 8-Weeks of life-expanding feng shui for your money… like an enormous life piggybank!

The FREE intro video series starts soon, with a full plate of exercises to break down three blocks to money in your space…and your life.

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xoxo Dana


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