Calm Down Your Home & Life With Schumann Resonances

Mar 11, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

de maria

(Walter De Maria’s Lightning Field)

Calming down your environment is not just an emotional and aesthetic and organizational exercise— to thrive you have to calm the actual energy of your environment.  The Earth has an actual “pulse”  – 7.83 Hz to be exact.  We are moving away from the pulse of the Earth. Four our sanity and well-being, we must move back to the Earth’s pulse! 

spiral jetty

(Spiral Jetty)

In 1953, Professor W.O. Schumann of the University of Munich measured this pulse. Studies have carried forward, led by researchers like Dr Wolfgang Ludwig, to investigate the optimal resonances to live in…and yes, they are the Schumann Resonances.

(this video is of artist Doug Aitken’s musical interpretation of the vibrational noises a mile deep under the earth)

These waves of energy in the air that support our being (we are, after all, a complex system of electrical impulses at our animated core)  are distrupted by technological generators of eletromagetic fields (EMFs):   microwaves, WiFi waves, cellular phones (& especially towers), power cords, electronics, and more.  Of course, the “official” word in the US is that these things are not harmful to humans. I just don’t believe it, from my own experience.  Many other researchers don’t believe it either.  EMF pollution, in my experience, is not a good thing when creating a calm and healthy life.

Symptoms purportedly linked to EMF pollution include: autoimmune disorders, depression, mood swings, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, Alzheimer’s, cancer, headaches & memory loss.  Many have been tested.  Still we are told this stuff is safe.

My profound experience of this:  I used to run a pretty sizable art gallery and a huge exhibition was composed of over 50 giant plasma tv screens running from morning until night throughout the space, each with its own soundtrack.  After one day, I launched into a disorientation and migraine that felt like I was having a stroke.  It got worse as the days progressed, and I thought I was having a meltdown.  When the screens stayed off near me, I was fine.  A year later, I moved next to power cords.  The trees surrounding the cords were growing suddenly at a 45 degree angle from the power wires. I had hives almost every day, I could not sleep or concentrate and, ultimately,  I moved.  Never again will I do that.  Never!

While I’d love to get into a deep and vast discussion of the controversy as well as the discovery in the land of EMF’s that will come over time.  For today, let’s focus on how we can each get our homes a bit less “electromagnetic”, shall we?

To cut down on your own EMF pollution:

1. Unplug your TV when not using it if possible.  Same for computers and all appliances.

2. Put more plants in your home.  They absorb some of the EMF junk in the air.

3. Do not live near power cords if at all possible!

4. Spend more time in parks, in nature and away from technology!

These four small tips can make a big difference in creating a calm home. There are all sorts of EMF-busting devices and even jewels to wear. I haven’t tested them all so I don’t yet want to recommend specific ones.  The one I use I can’t find online to share with you (!) but I will test more and see what I come up with this year.  In the meantime… stay closer to the pulse of the Earth!

xoxo Dana

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