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Mar 14, 2013 | Prosperity

love cards

(you can grab this gorgeous card on Etsy!)

Just a small reminder (since I’ve mentioned it before!)  that an email is not a thank you card.  Also, a text is not a handwritten note.

Grab yourself a box of stationary.  When you have an important meeting, when you receive a gift, when you are grateful for someone’s kindness: mail them a thank you note.  Yes, that means you have to actually get someone’s address and a stamp and walk to a mailbox.  I used to be the queen of letter writing until I lost track of addresses.  I am now re-collecting my mailing list.  Try it. You’ll love how it makes you feel, too!

And why is it “feng shui” anyway? In my mind, the more tactile the connection we make between all of us – tactile…not just digital- the more unified and balanced we become.  If you can’t show up, send a card.  At the very least, send a personalized e-card!  Say thank you much more often, too. Its really important!  xoxo Dana


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