Instagramming: Colorful Surprises!

Mar 23, 2013 | Uncategorized

puppy with socksWell, perhaps it isn’t a surprise that Bob would eat my pink socks….but it was a surprise that he taught himself to open the cabinet to pull out the socks from the hamper!  So many colorful surprises this week!


Like this little guy, hanging out on the street in front of my building.

gratitude books

And these lovely gratitude books from Charin Adams… thank you! What a cool idea to send books full of poetry and appreciation quotes!

Alexis Smart Flower Essences

It came as a surprise that my cobalt bottle of Alexis Smart’s My Personal Assistant flower essence would prove indispensable. I had no idea the week would be so busy!

puppy teeth

And, yes, Bob’s teeth are quote the shocker! He’s rather ferocious (!) but so wise!

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