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Mar 28, 2013 | Prosperity


(margo dunlap via things organized neatly)

Inspiration doesn’t always just arrive the moment you need it; there are days when we have to actively get inspired. When you are on the hunt for fresh inspiration, sometimes you need to shake things up a bit and see them with fresh eyes.  This week’s fast feng shui tip is a two-for-one about creating fresh perspective when you feel stuck! 


(things organized neatly)

1. If you are stuck and things feel like they are not moving properly or swiftly enough, try moving 27 things around your office or home. It doesn’t matter how big of small they are, just move them.

2. Just as gorgeously demonstrated by a Tumblr I love, Things Organized Neatly, when you lay things out in a new way they become a new thing.  What a weird sentence! I recently gave a collection of jewelry findings stacked in giant trays to a friend who really loves making it (I like it but haven’t done it in a long time) so that it would be put to good use. She took it home, washed every bead and gem and laid it all out on towels.  Within hours, she had planned out so many pieces of  jewelry that required a fresh perspective to design.  You can do the same with the raw materials of just about any task.  Even a conceptual problem can be outlined on note cards and moved around on a table.

Fresh perspective  gained through activity (rather than say, thinking about things) can be helpful to stay alert, present and engaged in a way that helps build momentum, and momentum makes you unstoppable! Enjoy shaking things up!  xoxo Dana


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