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Apr 2, 2013 | Home Style

amanda_nisbet design

(Amanda Nisbet Design) 

Amanda Nisbet is an interior design wizard and color master, effortlessly mixing deep hues and textures to create rooms with emotional presence.  Today’s interior inspiration is a walk through the delicious color of Amanda Nisbet’s palette   There is so much to learn about design from her work!  


(Amanda Nisbet Design)

Maybe you can use some rich yellow on your curtains or walls? I love how she uses golden yellow as a neutral, using it as a sun-shining backdrop in rooms with ease.  I grew up with copious amounts of golden yellow in my home, and it really is more neutral than, say, brown which is hard to bear in large amounts without a skilled hand.


(Amanda Nisbet Design) 

My biggest lesson: you have to fully commit to a color or a piece of furniture and simplify the details around it. If you are going big, go very big.  If you are going saturated in color, dive into the deep end.  The maximal impact of these spaces comes from the scale and emotive power of her choices.  This royal blue room emanates utter confidence.


(Amanda Nisbet Design) 

Clever use of fabric on walls is another take-away from my hours bemused by Nisbet’s decor. Why not hang some curtain fabric along the wall for texture, life and a dose of the unexpected?! Creative green and spirited hot pinks make this an ultra-conversation-piece.

amanda_nisbet design

(Amanda Nisbet Design) 

Unusual color combinations- like concord grape and sand- create a memorable effect.  Also, there can really never be enough crystal, ever!  Its a very transcendent color coupling.


(Amanda Nisbet Design) 

I included this delightful, neutral bedroom for the fabulous trick inherent in its design- the wall of ribbon crossed on the walls to create a picture-hanging device.  How interactive, clever and grand-scale fun! Also, these are awesome tones of color to promote a restful sleep.

Color power is undeniable.  Play with it.  Engage.  Even if you just start with small accessories.  You can shape space, alter your mood, revamp  energy and totally transform a room with even a small amount of intense color deliberately chosen and applied.  Personal design is all about experimentation. Have fun!  xoxo Dana


  1. Ken

    Wow to the first and second is my favorite. I wish my living rome wash just like that !
    I love Amanda design! It’s make my happy! Lovely!! Thanks Deares 4 sharing!

  2. amanda nisbet

    Thank you for your kind post I am a great fan of your blog, xo Amanda



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