Sensuous Decor: Velvet At Home

Apr 5, 2013 | Home Style

velvet sofa


When something looks like you have to touch it, that’s the ultimate in sensuous texture.  Velvet promises that you will love to feel it, and delivers on that promise with almost a tickle as you brush your hand over its surface.  There are so many things velvet can mean to people- from nostalgia to sex to royalty- and each still has a signature gleam and lusciousness. My velvet round-up today encompasses many ideas to integrate the softness into your home.

velvet pillows


My friend had giant velvet floor pillows that are stacked in his home where we did our Buddhist chanting.  Call me crazy, but the velvet burgundy floor seat was an extremely memorable moment each time I snagged it.  Pillows like these are super-easy to make and can carry jewel tones into any room with an exclamation point.

velvet books

(Lovely Bride) 

Who wouldn’t want to write in a velvet journal!?!  The very thought of the touch of these books sets off fireworks of imagination.


(Elle Decor)

A velvet ottoman adds gravity to a room in such a shimmering fashion, the entire room becomes more stately with this additional layer of sensory richness.



The nostalgia and almost kitsch of a velvet painting…along with its inherent light… is spellbinding and mysterious.  I can’t understand why more artists don’t paint on velvet!?!

velvet chairs


And a very easy way to start with velvet? Vintage chairs! You can find them in your average thrift store, they are not expensive to custom reupholster (relatively speaking, mush less than a sofa!) and they are delightful, as though the fabric is imprinted by memories, lightly worn and softly faded with time and enjoyment.

Velvet is undoubtedly a fabric that has sexy written all over it.  A sexy home does not have to be obvious…just like a sexy person can be very subtle. Its all about creating a magnetic allure that makes you want to reach out and touch, and velvet has that inherent quality in abundance! Enjoy!  xoxo Dana


  1. Michelle

    Lovely, best fabric known to man!

  2. dede

    Do you have a good source for velvet? Love your blog.


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