Figuring Out How To Create A Life Of Meaning & Purpose!

Apr 11, 2013 | Creativity

mary oliver

What is your purpose? What are you looking to create on this planet? While philosophically we can all say, “You only live once” or “Life is too short to waste, ” try living with that mantra.  If you do, you are one of the few and the overall extremely happy! You might not yet know your ultimate life goals, you may not have the words to voice what you’d like to contribute in full to this world…but, chances are, you know it should matter to you.  In the search for a life that is less forced and more flow, there are a few ideas I reinforce with clients who have trouble really making days matter to them when they are still not 100% clear on their ultimate dreams…and they are really fun!

When you are clear on what matters, what moves you, what thrills you… that will carry you into awesome places creatively, academically, even romantically and philanthropically!  When you are operating from a place of purpose, things aren’t a drag, they are a challenge at worst and a thrill at best! I used to rattle off a list of things I was interested in when confronted with questions about my life’s plans: art, holistic medicine, interior design, psychology, writing.  But… when I understood that my purpose was to transform moments and add more energy and beauty to them… tah dah!… I found this offbeat & very exciting study & practice of feng shui in my own way.  It was a process… but its a super-fun process if you allow yourself to chill out and explore.

Here are some feng shui’d ideas to help get closer to your life of purpose:

color wheel

1. Live with more color: Yep, simple. Color is a beautiful way to help you feel more present and aids in the experience of more emotional range.  Even the crappy emotions are awesome-seriously!- they make your life full and balanced. If everything is joy and peace, how would you know without shadows and gloom just how awesome that happiness was?

2. Give yourself a gift every day: Time is a really important gift, but not if its time where you sit and talk about all you wish your were doing and complaining about everything that isn’t done.  That’s not really time well spent, its just self-torture. You can also give yourself other “abstract” and meaningful gifts like more sleep and/or a lovely walk. Yes, you should also buy or find yourself gifts, too!

3. Take time off to do absolutely nothing: Empty space really wants to become full. If you take some time off and don’t force yourself to do anything, see what you gravitate toward naturally.  Make no plans.  Keep your phone off.  What do you actually like to do? Do you ever do it? The best ideas of my life came from silence in empty space.  Ideas and fantastic projects were created in that void that wanted to be filled.

4. Divorce yourself from drama and complaining: The fastest way to not live a life of purpose is to complain. Seriously. And if you aren’t the one complaining, listening to complaints is the second biggest poison to finding more meaning & purpose in your life.

5. Personalize your home a bit more for the world to see: Take a few moments and look at your front door. Does it reflect who you are? What about the first thing you see when you enter your house? Make both sites a reflection of what you love to see and feel.  This will be a little “primer” both for you & the world, reminding you what makes you tick at your core and what excites you.  After all, a life of purpose HAS TO be exciting, even if its exciting in a very challenging way! I personally find challenges the most exciting!

start with why

6…..And the ultimate in finding your purpose as far as books are concerned? Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why!  Watching Simon speak a few years back was the ultimate thrill-ride in living a life of purpose. I was high for four days off his speech.  This book will knock your purpose-loving socks off.

What is cool is that once you discover what drives you in terms of purpose, you can infuse everything you do with this sense of purpose.  When you do that, you are never limited or stuck- you are always glowing and growing, even when things are intense or challenging.  Its well worth digging in and finding that meaning and drive! xoxo Dana

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  1. Ken

    You have to see thise guy just like you Dana…light worker..tranform the world.
    He is amazing! Check youtube..Kemet prince.
    Thank you so much for the lift up <3


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