Art Inspiration For Your Home!

Apr 19, 2013 | Life With Art

tapestry on wall (via)

Today’s decor inspiration is all about hanging up your art- be it tapestry, giant canvas, sculptural installation or photography- in your home in big, bright & home-changing ways.  

art in home


This vintage-looking painting has be excited to get a groovy vintage frame for my own paintings!

art in home


The addition of art here is so sophisticated and urban!



This is a pretty serious art collection, with serious prominence on the walls.



Powerful portraiture shines in a simple room with ornate walls.

kitchen art


And oh, please don’t forget your kitchen. Its the perfect place for a vibrant welcome image!

Art is truly an agent of change.  Be it a vintage oil painting or a museum piece, if you love it it will make your home sing! xoxo Dana


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