Instagramming: Warm, Sweet Color!

Apr 21, 2013 | Uncategorized

colorful heart

In this week’s Instagram, warm, sweet color is popping up everywhere!


This week, roses have been on my mind.  HERE is a whole list of beauty projects & even food to make with organic rose petals!

don't stop

Its tempting to stop sometimes, but even baby-steps build momentum!

flywheelThis new place, Flywheel, opened near my house. Its like a cross between a bowling alley and a nightclub but you do this wild spin class in there. Yes, this weekend, I’m going to try to catch an “arena” spin class here, full of strobe lights and disco balls.


Hydrangeas- the ultimate classic any time flower.  Tip to make these last: cover them at night with damp paper towels.

Have a beautiful week! Hit me up HERE on Instagram & I’ll follow you back to watch your life unfold in pictures!  xoxo Dana



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