6 Magical Artists I Just Discovered

Apr 23, 2013 | Life With Art

david adey

(David Adey) 

I’ve been thinking a lot of alchemy: the transactions, the way that we transform… the moments we slide into other worlds.  I  had a dream last night (though I may have actually visited another place it was so actual) and in this sleeping event I was holding so much art.  In the light of day, I thought I would bring you some art that has a magical edge to it.  David Adey’s mandala-like flowers kick things off today with luscious layers unfolding…

Carolina Ciconet Marostica

(Carolina Ciconet Marostica)

Carolina Ciconet Marostica creates melting and  luminous yet pasty and biting canvases of color, color, color. Its all like a dream.

Catrin Welz-Stein

Catrin Welz-Stein is a goddess painter if ever there was one.  I was holding flowers in my dream, but they were paper flowers. These are bursting, surreal and you can almost smell them.

harry james moody

Harry James Moody‘s ombre toned works have a sense of the deeply ethereal.  Deeper toned paint seems to float atop other layers, in this purple rain.

chad wys

Chad Wys creates faces that emerge from soft focus as though materializing from thin air.

nom kinnear king

Nom Kinnear King  makes fairly like faces that see right through me.  I love how these fairies are so confronting.  You see a part of you looking back at you through their eyes.

All of this art & these artists were inspired by or found on Jemma Craig’s brilliant Tumblr, Rustybreak, an endless source of art inspiration!  You must check it out right HERE! 

Live with art. Its magic, its mystery, its communication that defies words… Great art can transform spaces and lives. xoxo Dana


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