You Have The Power To Heal Your Life

May 21, 2013 | Uncategorized

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I don’t hate Western Medicine. A lot of it is life-saving, and not to be discounted.  That said, Western medical doctors & I don’t see eye-to-eye on everything.  In my mind, you can’t count out the vast power of your mind & spirit where healing of any kind is concerned.  It’s why I love to reference philosophical writings in my own life where physical wellness is concerned.  Its a lot of interesting insight.

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  1. Devon

    Hi Dana,
    First let me say that I love your blog…I find a lot of inspiration and gentle reminders about life, love, health and, of course, feng shui in your posts. Thank you for doing what you do!
    I believe what you meant to say in this post was that you believe you *CAN* count on the vast power of your mind and spirit to help heal yourself (and I wholeheartedly agree!). I just thought I’d send this through so you can correct the wording as it is the crux of this very short piece and currently conveys the opposite message.
    That being said, there are often typos in your pieces (which is probably due to the fact that you are so busy being awesome!). I know you have an eye for detail due to the exquisite look of your blog and its thoughtful content. I would love to see your fastidiousness extended to your writing, too! Please know that I don’t intend to criticize but rather extend some constructive feedback. I hope you find it helpful and not offensive! I will keep reading, typos and all! Love your work!


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