Live In Service To All Of Life!

May 28, 2013 | Uncategorized

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One of the vast misunderstandings I had about “living in service to others and all of life” was that it meant “live as a servant” to others, somehow letting other people have power while you have none.   I was wrong. Even if you are in a service profession (and I might add, most of us are in service to someone!), that does not mean you are a servant in that sense.  And even if you are (as I have been) a waitress, bartender, caretaker or involved in a nother true service profession, you still are not a servant in the sense that you have no power or sense of self but others do.  Living in service is really thinking about how you can make broader decisions that make many people happy, rather than just you.  Its about giving and sharing rather than hoarding.  You know if you are living in service, because when you are  you are probably fulfilled and surrounded by a group of people who you appreciate and who appreciate you.  You don;t just think about yourself.  And you want the world to be a better place.  xoxo Dana


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