What Is Hanging Heavy In The Air?

Jun 10, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

tomas saraceno

(Tomas Saraceno)

We think of clearing the air as turning on a fan or opening the windows or even burning sage, but today’s little space clearing reminder is one that is even more obvious and yet overlooked by all of us: clear the air of unspoken resentments and problems.  

Often the space in a home is contorted not just because of the furniture placement or the colors or the air quality…but it is polluted by the tension you FEEL in the air.

You know what I mean: you can FEEL the tension in the air.

When it’s your own tension, you might not feel it in the air as much as you see it in your behavior and your home.

Unwashed dishes, piles of clothes, real messes….I find those are also sometimes a product of resentments. Don’t let it happen to you!

Have a calm conversation with someone if need be.  Have an uncomfortably honest talk.

Be clear with yourself about what you resent that you are doing to yourself as well.  A

ll these tensions and conflicts hang heavy in the air and spew into your life.

know that you know this.  You also know when you need to clean your house, but we all can use reminders!

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xoxo Dana


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