The Daring Color Of John Willey Interiors!

Jun 13, 2013 | Home Style

orange room

John Willey creates really livable spaces that literally teem with color yet are balanced by geometry and design.  His interiors are a good study in workable eclecticism, and his ability to truly layer on color is amazing.   Let’s look at a handful of his incredible work and see what we can learn…!

john willey living room

Chartreuse, beige, brown & buttery yellow combine to fashion a stately, relaxing and creative living room!

willey sitting room

Simple things like a small wall of textured wallpaper create a precious space. A palette of unique choices-  sky blues, tangerines, limes- turn this urban space into something refreshing and almost tropical!

john willey los angeles

Wood and water (greens and blues) are feng shui elements that compliment one another, so this outlandishly attractive mix actually looks and feels stunningly calm and balanced,

blue room

 This room is an oasis in opulent, nearly electric navy, tempered again with wood elements to create balance. Do you see/ feel how richly emotional a deep blue can be?

Incidentally, I styled the 1st and 4th images and they were shot by Jean Randazzo.  All of the images via John Willey. You should browse his site HERE!  


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