Five Homeopathic Must-Haves In My Home!

Jun 20, 2013 | Sensory Goodness



If you can sleep better, quell anxiety, reduce aches and pains, heal faster and even change your outlook on the day without side effects and without taking a pharmaceutical pill, why wouldn’t you?!  While I am not a doctor or a healer of any sort, I am pretty versed in basic homeopathy and alternative treatments that can be accessed by anyone, even kids and animals.  I’ve pulled together my personal top five homeopathic/natural essentials home remedies of late.  It’s a little go-to kit for minor hiccups like  bouts of insomnia or post-exercise aches, PMS and even colds!

Here are my must-haves in the homeopathy & natural remedy department these days:

Homeopathic Arnica:


In my experience, homeopathy is incredibly profound.  The right remedy has unlocked emotions, opened up stuck areas of my body and helped me heal in huge ways.  Homeopathic “pellets” dissolve under your tongue and help to open up energy channels and balance emotions.  While we will have much more in depth talk about homeopathic remedies coming very soon, I wanted to be sure to introduce Arnica as it is infinitely useful.  I will be picking up a new bottle at the (I LOVE this place, you can actually do consultations with them via FAX!!!_

Larry Malerba writes in the Huffington Post: “It is a perfect fit for all kinds of childhood bumps, bruises and contusions, and many occupational and sports injuries. As a general rule, homeopathic Arnica is a prime candidate for any accident or injury that results in physical trauma consisting of bruising, tissue damage, broken blood vessels, black and blue skin discoloration and swelling. It is most specific to blunt forms of trauma, especially to soft tissues. Arnica can also be of benefit in strains, sprains and muscle injuries!

Epsom salt: 

Because Epsom salt is Magnesium-based, it has the ability to be absorbed by your body when you soak in a few cups in a warm bath.  I use Epsom salt to sleep better, to fight off muscle cramps and to detoxify my body naturally. I even soak my puppy paws in it when they are getting inflamed from allergies.  HERE are a whole batch of awesome Epson Salt ideas you will love.  

Lavender essential oil: 

lavender essential oils


Lavender oil is the most calming, balancing, centering essential oil I know.  It can help with sleep, when applied topically to the scalp mixed with oil like jojoba it can strengthen your hair and increase hair growth, and it is a mood booster. I only use extremely high vibration essential oils because the rest are just natural perfume with their real “essence” distilled out of them.  I have had great luck with oils from Mountain Rose Herbs, as well as many others.  If you can actually feel and smell the oils before buying them, you can pick intuitively the best ones for you.

First Aid Kit Flower Remedy by Alexis Smart: 

first aid kit

If I have not yet sung you the praises of Alexis Smart’s flower essence remedies, please indulge me!  These totally non-toxic, side-effect-free, powerful energy medicine drops may sound like a bunch of hogwash… but they REALLY work.  If it’s just a placebo effect, why does it work for kids and animals, too, I wonder? And if it’s just a placebo effect, it’s the most magical one I have ever experienced from any natural substance!

First Aid Kit is Alexis Smart’s version of Rescue Remedy.  Whether you are having a stressful day or a full-blown panic attack, a few drops can be taken every handful of minutes to calm you down and keep you calm!

Natural Calm Magnesium Powder: 


Speaking of calm, I love Calm powder.  I call it natural Ambien, because it puts me to sleep like nothing else can.  It has also helped me stop grinding my teeth and has helped me become much more of a focused morning person.  I keep Calm in the cupboard for nights when I need to get to bed early, and for the stressful times.

These are a few of my favorite natural remedies.  Do you have one that you can’t live without? Let me know!

(Please note: if you have a major medical situation, seek medical treatment immediately. This is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness)



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  1. Marcy

    Natural calm is my life saver, and one of the first things I recommend to anyone looking to feel better in life.

    I would like to get more into homeopathic remedies. I have used some of the basics. Arnica sounds very nice. I could use it for relaxing muscles!

  2. Jen

    I too, LOVE Natural Calm. I notice a huge difference when I stop taking it. I am a big fan of Rescue Remedy so will definitely look into the alternative product you recommended. I would really like to hear you discuss homeopathy more in depth. I have heard mixed things, mostly negative. I am interested in how it works, since I believe it is such a microscopic distillation of the active ingredient that many people criticize it as a hoax.

  3. Jayne

    I absolutely love my epsom salt baths and using only therapeutic grade essential oils (TGEOs) especially frankincense or lavender. I’ve heard great things about Rescue Remedy and now Arnica from you … will need to try them. Thanks for the post. 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      you just reminded me that I need to invest (and its an investment!) in some frankensense! Its AMAZING. Thank you, Jayne!!!

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