Styling Chic Vintage Decor In Shades Of Blue!

Jun 25, 2013 | Home Style


(via HomeLife styled by Glen Proebstel)

When you start incorporating vintage- be it family heirlooms, antiques, or furniture found at your local thrift shop- the issue of making it look fresh and chic always pops up.  there are a few feng shui based design tricks using blue that I love to freshen vintage and help it to find a modern edge.  

Above, deep navy walls create intense depth and make the antique furnishings seem all the more delicate and refined.

vintage blue interior(Vickie’s Vintage) 

A killer trick to making old furniture look both “in place” and even modern: killer wallpaper.  After all, if you are getting a deal on your furniture, you may as well invest the difference in killer walls!

blue vases

(Dawne Photo)

Blue vintage glass bottles simply shine, with our without flowers, to create light and a watery fun vibe.

vintage decor  (Habitually Chic) 

Handing art and carefully selected accessories around your vintage will help it feel integrated and right at home in your space.

kishani perera

(Kishani Perera interior design shot by Jean Randazzo: one of my favorite designers & my favorite photographer!)

And, when in doubt, do as Kishani Perera does: mix up the unique with lots of texture and cultural flavor.  You may need a bit more than just an antique desk… perhaps some vases.  The sculptures don’t stand alone, it is mixed with glass beads  and fresh turquoise color, even flowers in bunches.

No matter what you do, if something feels out of place, work with it, not against it. When you can embrace what you have and mix it into an overall style… well, that’s a totally chic home run every time!


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