6 Artists I Just Discovered That Are Enchanting

Jul 12, 2013 | Life With Art

isabelle menin

(Isabelle Menin)

Art that sings of nature and goddess spells, potions and the enchanted: this week’s 6 artsis I just discovered have a hand in the transformative, alchemical goodness that is wow-factor-inducing.  I love these six, staring with Isabelle Menin!

Alexis Arnold

(Alexis Arnold)

Hows about a crystalized version of a newspaper from Alexis Arnold? It bespeaks Edgar Arcineaux to me, though these are more warped and loopy and tinted and tattered like they are organic and growing, still, today…

Jeffrey Simmons


(Jeffrey Simmons)

The art emerges from its canvas while being sucked into it, all the while looking like a totem, or the crop circle marks left behind my unidentified flying objects…

james casabere

(James Casabere)

Floors of water that look like glass and seem to move before your eyes.

Allison Johnson

(Allison Johnson)

Sky and sea become a galaxy.

makoto azuma

(Makoto Azuma)

Makoto Azuma bottles flowers. Stunning, like the glass will bust at any minute and flood the room with color, water, freshness and fragrance…

There is so much transcendent magic to be found in art everywhere around you. Live with more art; It’s good for your spirit!


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  1. Rebecca

    I love your pics this week!! They are all mesmerizing in the best way imaginable. Thanks for finding and sharing <3


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