Living With Art In Your Home

Aug 2, 2013 | Life With Art

Living With Art In Your Home


Whether you frame some ephemera, line your sofa with multicolored pillows, hang mobiles from your ceiling, create a massive collage from magazine tears or even design a room to display pieces of your prized collection, art is important.  I had this conversation recently with a very brilliant rising star in art education: art is for everyone, not just people who are supposed to collect it or people who can talk about it in academic terms. Art creates community, art brings joy, art gives a voice to the unexpressed… Art is just so very important.  Making art “inaccessible” to all but a few people defeats the purpose of art.  So, today, here are a few rooms showcasing art that can get you thinking freshly about art and its prominence in your own home!

art on walls


What I really love about this space: it manages to be comfortable and neutral, allowing the very important artwork to shine.  What else I love: using a side-table to hold a sculpture.  Another thing to love: hanging a mobile (granted, this one is a Calder) effortlessly in the space.  All absolutely brilliant. You can use these tricks to mix up your own living room.

collage on walls


A big collage or black and white images creates a wall of story, pattern and style.  You can create a collage from magazines, old photos, colored paper, paint chips…. you name it.  The walls are waiting for you!

mural on walls

If you are ready for something truly indelible, get a mural made on a wall.


(via Elle Decor)

And, don’t forget that art can also be what the room is about.  Sure, there are a few important pieces of furniture here, but they are not all as inviting as the massive Morris Louis painting and the quixotic Lichtenstein in the corner that bring the room to life.  You can similarly make art the star of your own gathering space, scaling back on furniture and letting the work shine.

Live with more art and you will notice the difference!


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