Passion, Motivation, Love & Your Heart Chakra

Aug 15, 2013 | Home Style

lonny(Celerie Kemble in Lonny)

Passion, motivation, love and intimacy: this is the energy that motivates monumental growth and change.  The more balanced you are in your ability to love and to attach yourself to life through love, the easier you will find you are flowing with life in an organic way. Balancing this heart-happy energy in your environment as well as in your life overall will create an air about your that is approachable, warm, synergistic and creative and flexible.  Sound as good to you as it does to me?!

According to some forms of holistic healing and energetic medicine as well as life philosophy, your “heart energy” is located in the center of your breastbone straight through to the area below your shoulder blades.  The name for this area given by some?  The 4th chakra.  While I am not a doctor, this area is often referred to in relation to the heart, lungs and the overall immune system.  Problems with love, intimacy, balance and trust are thought to be heart chakra issues. Allergies, circulatory problems and other issues with these organs are often attributed to the “heart chakra” and all that it means.

While I am not big on wholeheartedly accepting things without proof, listening to the messages and issues for self-examination that medical intuitive Caroline Myss attributes to the heart chakra in her brilliant chakra models has opened my own heart to the possibility that this is very real:

caroline myss heart chakra

Once you have asked yourself some of the questions, now look around your home.

How can you add more loving, heart-opening energy to your space?

1. Clear pathways. Even a little dusting of the walkway to the entrance of your home will make a difference.



2. Add lots of texture to your space.  Throw blankets, a throw rug, some velvet, some silk… texture enhances the sense of touch that is visceral, human and alive.

elle decor

(Elle Decor) 

3. Fold in more green.  The color green, strong wood energy, will wake up this flexible, bendy nature inside you.

4. Smell the roses.  Rose is a fabulous fragrance to open the energy of love.  Rose doesn’t have to be girly.  Sandalwood and rose combine to a deeply spicy, unisex home fragrance.



5. Drink some chamomile tea.  Chamomile is powerful aromatherapy as well as a relaxing herbal brew to create a more receptive body and mind.


(carb kick)

6. Add more vegetables.Veggies are a body-lightening, energy-sweetening boost for your life.

And… choose love.  Choose more and more love. Whenever you have the choice, make it your way.


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xoxo Dana



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  1. dale

    Can you tell me which chakras line up with which gua? (such as the sacral chakra and the health/family gua. I am guessing the heart chakra is the relationship area?

    • danaclaudat

      That’s a very big study. You may want to read Feng Shui & Health by Nancy Santo Pietro. I don’t want to share her research and work without permission but it answers your question and a whole lot more!!!



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