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Oct 17, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

small journal

(you can get these tiny notebooks on Etsy!)

I sat having tea with a friend not too long ago, and he had a pen and notebook on the table.  When we started talking about ideas, he paused to jot things down.  I asked him the meaning behind the book that was extremely well organized.  I was fascinated.

He explained that he has so many ideas and didn’t  have a way to capture them all and turn them into action. Until… that book was borne.

I had to try it! I started doing my notes on small pieces of paper that were nearby when an idea flashed through my mind.  The experiment left me with a pile of stray paper by the end of the week, but I managed to capture ideas and actually implement them in real life.  All the paper, though… well, its not the greatest! I had notes on envelopes, in my car, on paper bags… It was actually a bit of a mess.   The small notebook, though,  is absolutely genius.

Why do this?  Well… If you carry a little notebook to catch some stray thoughts and good ideas, you may notice a trend in your interests.  You might start to value your own voice and your personal brilliance more.  You may see how much possibility there is in the world.  You can find solutions to problems in strange and unexpected places.  And… it’s quite fun.  Also, I have found it to be a conversation starter!

Plus: it de-clutters your mind! And a de-cluttered mind is a very powerful mind!

I’m very grateful to have such ingenious friends!!!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Dana

    I have been doing this for years. I love taking notes everywhere, if I’m reading something intriguing or eating something I want to replicate….I get the cute little notebooks from Barnes and Noble.


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