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Oct 22, 2013 | Prosperity



Lots of people ask me in their feng shui consultations for a way to create more opportunity in their lives.  Whether it is career, love or personal development opportunity, everyone craves more in the sense of expansion.  After all, we all want to grow and feel more fulfilled. Many people ask me how to make their Money Corner in their home more prosperous in a feng shui sense.

While feng shui in the “Money Corner” is not a bad thing, it’s usually not the most profound route to expanding opportunity. 

Today’s fast feng shui is looking at how to connect more to people, how to give more, to help more and to meet more people.  I love the idea that “A simple hello could lead to a million things.”   It is true.

If you are looking to expand your life on any level, explore and engage in ways to connect more to people who are like-minded.  Your love of art might take you to local museum lectures you might have avoided.  An interest in business could lead you to sign up for a symposium or conference.

These are more obvious ways to connect to your world.

Less-obviously, you might want to ask people to connect you to others. My client-turned-friend just created herself a dream job she through Linked In messages that were sincere and well-thought-out.  Connecting to others through mutual connections is a fabulous way to grow your life. The last three major loves in my life came through friends asking me to meet their friends.

Connection is powerful.

In my experience, the most ignored connection we tend to make to life is the biggest one: Helping Others.

And by helping, I mean helping for real, with no desire for anything in return.

So, if you are looking to create more possibility in your life, cultivate more relationships that are meaningful to you.

If you can get on board with the fact that we are actually all connected on a basic level, the walls break down between us, the differences dissipate and we become more powerful as a unified “we.”

Can you imagine how much the world would change if we all connected more?

xoxo Dana


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  1. maggie

    Love this, Dana. Thanks for giving me daily inspiration!

  2. Ken

    Life can be very difficult sometimes. Leth see these struggles as the best time to grow,
    expand and break through to the next level! Feng shui help to create balance.
    Thanks Dana! Much love! xo
    ps. Stay beautiful..stay healthy.

    • danaclaudat

      Thank you Ken! You are wonderful!


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