My Ultimate DIY Energy Purification & Rejuvenation Bath!

Oct 25, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

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Bathing is a ritual that I am absolutely addicted to, daily.

While I mix up my bath contents considerably from day to day, over years I have pulled together my personal favorite rejuvenation bath. I feel it washes the excess energy stuck to me from running through the day, and this bath, in particular, tends to bring me a deeper sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and an almost cellular sense of greatness.

Here’s my own favorite blueprint for a detox/rejuvenation bath! Feel free to improvise and create your own best bath escape!

On a typical night I will toss a few of these into the bath, but when I pull it all together it looks something like this!

A big pitcher of water: At the very least I have a big glass of water before the bath no matter what, as a twenty minute bath can be dehydrating. I prefer to bring a big pitcher of water and a cup in beside me in the bath to stay hydrated. If you want to be fancy, add citrus slices, cucumber or other fresh fruit to the water.

A tub filled with water as hot I am comfortable with.

Epsom Salt: This is a standby favorite of mine. I add at least a cup and sometimes two to the water depending on how sluggish or tense I feel. The more tension, the more Epsom salt. It adds lots of magnesium to your body, and this is a big stress and tension reliever.

Sea Salt: A huge purifier of energy, I do this when I’ve been working a lot and need to clear my own energy of static.

Ginger: If I feel a cold coming on, or I feel cold or unmotivated, I slice up and boil a pot of ginger in water (to create a tea) and let it steep with the burner turned off after boiling for about 10 minutes. I pull out the ginger pieces and pour the brew into the tub. This is a huge circulation booster. It also can make you sweat quite a bit, so remember, lots of water before and after the bath, and even during.

Beeswax Candles: I love burning beeswax because it cleans the air as it burns, releasing negative ions. I sometimes put these in glass jars, sometimes on old vintage plates and let them sort of melt down into sculptural masses.

You can use whatever candles you like, or none at all!

Aromatherapy: For me, an excellent lavender essential oil ( about 5 drops) does the trick. I also enjoy sandalwood and jasmine absolute. If you want to use aromatherapy, please patch test it- a drop on your wrist for a day- and also consult your doctor if you have any medical issues as therapeutic grade essential oils are extremely potent along with being luxurious.

Music: Again, you pick. I don’t often bring in music, but when I do, I make it count!

Crystals:   Some crystals are not safe for the bath- they will dissolve!- so look them up before plopping them in! Clear quartz is water-friendly and user-friendly. I use it for overall energy.

Plus, I sometimes add:

Rose quartz- for more softness and forgiveness

Green aventurine- for more heart-opening love and adventure

Black tourmaline- to remove vampire/draining energy

When I do bathe with some crystals floating around, as I drain the tub water I tend to stay in the tub and imagine all my problems being sucked down the drain.

And a big fluffy towel to wrap yourself in when you emerge!

I also slather on the natural oils like coconut or jojoba to cover my whole body while I’m still dripping wet, but you can moisturize as you desire.

What do you mix into your own favorite bath?!

I am always collecting ideas!

xoxo Dana

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