Here Are Three Big Reasons Why You Need To Make Art!

Mar 14, 2014 | Creativity


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While living with art is an essential element in my feng shui and wellness formula, as is living artfully, desgning days and routines that support your creative good, MAKING art is the missing piece that can not be avoided.  It is when we leap from observer and consumer to “maker” and “creator” that life takes on new dimensions. If you can move yourself into the process of making art in whatever form you find thrilling, you will wonder why you waited so long to experience this magic and power. 

eye drawing

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Art Makes You More Balanced

Alain de Boton & John Armstrong wrote a very scholarly and insightful book called “Art As Therapy” and on Brain Pickings, seven psychological reasons to experience art are shared in a concise and inspiring piece.  You can read all seven HERE, but my personal favorite is art as a means for REBALANCING:

“Few of us are entirely well balanced. Our psychological histories, relationships and working routines mean that our emotions can incline grievously in one direction or another. We may, for example, have a tendency to be too complacent, or too insecure; too trusting, or too suspicious; too serious, or too light-hearted. Art can put us in touch with concentrated doses of our missing dispositions, and thereby restore a measure of equilibrium to our listing inner selves.” (via)

Making Art Reveals Inner Truths We Might Not Be Able To Say In Words

When I was recovering from an illness that had me down for the count for several months in 2011, I had one habit that I relied on to know how my body was really doing.  I made pictures.

Every afternoon around 4:00 pm I would start cooking dinner while I pulled out my big sketchpad and pastels. Fow whatever reason- it all started out of my complete frustration from being sequestered alone in my house for so long- I started to draw a picture a day. I would grab colors that felt appealing and start making patterns or lines or shapes and would let the image grow on its own every day. I would do this until I felt truly satisfied.

These images were like an X-raw if my cellular body, and that was totally coincidental.

They started with piles of circles, they grew into flowers… first many than one huge one. They morphed into butterflies and then abstract images with colors and forms all united to form a beautiful whole.  Toward the end, I could see looking backward that I was literally piecing my body back together in these pictures, and as I progressed, I was emerging.

Each day’s drawing was a snapshot of something I had no words to express.

Each one moved me forward.

Art, in this way of making it, can reveal so much of what we can’t say about ourselves.

Creativity Helps Us To See Life In New Ways

In the realm of perception, making art helps us to look at life with fresh eyes based on how we see what is in front of us.

This is the premise behind Betty Edward’s classic book, “Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain.”

In the book’s Introduction, she explains that her students that struggled to draw simply could not draw until they were able to “see” differently.  For example, a student would draw objects separately that were grouped together on a table because they didn’t “know” how to draw in perspective. But, she would argue, that’s actually not what you are seeing. You see things in perspective.

Our logically programmed minds can’t translate what we see into pictures. If you try to be logical, you will come up with scattered perception. Our artist brain- the Right Side of the brain- can indeed see in this way and can translate what is seen into images on paper.

When you make art- drawing, painting, poetry, dance, music- you re-imagine and exercise the Right Brain, if you will.

  • You get more comfortable with the power you have that makes you extraordinary.
  • You see new ways to solve problems.
  • You see new ways to live better.
  • You dream in more vivid color.
  • You will likely become more of a leader.
  • You will probably make more money.
  • You will bring more light to your life, and to the lives of the people around you.

So… make more art. Doodle, paint, take photographs, take an acting class, write a play… sink into a form of art that sings to you. Let it transform your life. It definitely will!

xoxo Dana


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