Are Your Dreams Big Enough To Scare You?

Apr 10, 2014 | Prosperity

dream big

I have always loved this saying. And for a long time my own dreams were not big enough to be scary. I only had the small, step-by-step things that, after a while, became very annoying.

I lost steam. I quit things. I didn’t have vision.

There’s nothing wrong with simple and step-by-step. But it seems we all do much better and feel more alive with a larger purpose that we are drawn toward.

Someone told me what sounded like a crazy theory when I was in my phase of getting through the day. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my life, I just felt dull. I knew I had to do more but I didn’t know what would take away the dullness.

“If you don’t have something big in the future to pull you, you won’t get your immediate things done. After all, what’s the urgency? And what is the challenge once you are finished?”

That made fireworks of sense to me. 

dreamy japan


You may have no aspirations to be a zillionaire or climb the higest mountain or set a world record. What is a big goal for me might be small for you. What you deem impossibly huge may seem like cake to a friend of yours. We all see things that we call reality through different lenses, and all are totally valid.

Do your dreams feel big enough to scare you?

And by scare, I mean “breathlessly excite”…! If not, you may want to get creative for a while and stay open to what those dreams might be.

I happen to love this article from Martha Beck on about wildly improbable goals (WIG) I particularly love how she describes the moment that these wildly improbable goals “hit” you:

You won’t even be able to imagine the mess of work and luck necessary to make it happen. The very idea will seem impossible…almost. That “almost” will tickle the edges of your consciousness, tempting you to believe that somehow, someway, your dream may fall just inside the realm of probability. How can you be sure? You can’t. Fortunately, your first step is simple: Write down your WIG. In detail. Immediately, before you regain your sanity and lose your nerve.  (you can read the whole piece HERE and it is amazing) 

No sure what to do or what that dream might be?

There is a book by Julia Cameron called The Artist’s Way. I talk about it exhaustively. The reason: it really works. It helps you to excavate your lost dreams. It helps you to feel more alive. And it can be a phenomenal tool to help you get to those moments where your improbably dreams fly out when you least expect it and galvanize your life.

At the very least, start doing more of what you love. Hobbies. Crafts. Going to the beach. Visiting friends. In the midst of all your engagement and connection, those synergistic moments have more fuel to find you!

& once you have that wild dream or dreams, design them into your life.

See them in your space. Feng shui them into your every environment. There are so many tips here to get you started. And a whole e-guide to shift your home & office. When you are that invested in your passions, you will be living them daily. They won’t feel like something to wait for, they will be something to unfold every day…!

xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    I started the Artist’s Way because of you, Dana, and I agree – it has opened up so many outlets and ideas and interests that had been buried.


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