10 Tiny Home Upgrades That Amp Up Your Personal Abundance!

Apr 29, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

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It is the details that count!

It is the reason why minds like Steve Jobs insisted that the inside of a machine and its unseen nuts and bolts and screws were as beautiful as the outside of Apple products.  You may not be able to see the difference but you can feel the difference.

In a home, the details are the easiest to ignore, especially when your life is hectic. Out of sight and out of mind is not something that works.

If you want to make magnificient changes, the details will take your whole life to the next level.

Here are 10 tiny home upgrades that will increase the harmony of your home, and raise its level of magnetic abundance in the process. 


10 Little Feng Shui Projects To Create a More Prosperous Home!

1. Clean your closets and freshen the paint on their insides where paint can be freshened.  Use Zero VOC paint and try a brighter, lighter hue for your closets since they typically lack good lighting.  Why do closets matter?  They house your clothes. They are a reflection of your self esteem.  These details show that you care as much about the inside as the outside of your life and all of your endeavors!

2. Make sure your smoke detectors work.  This may seem like common sense but you can’t imagine all of the homes I have entered where a smoke detector was gutted of batteries and left on the wall as a danderous prop.

3. Wash your blinds or curtains.  AND your windows. I may sound like a fanatic, but nothing quite beats the feeling of entering a home with clean and clear light streaming in.

4.  Refinish the inside of your drawers and cabinets.  While it is very old fashinoned to think about lining your shelves with contact paper (*eco-friendly options HERE!), it is an excellent exercise in creating a meticulous home.


5. Clear the pathway into your house. Sweep your steps or your hallway and keep things fresh and clean.  Yes, I know that you may not own your steps and you may not be the only person to use them. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be the one to clean them if no one else will.

6.  Patch holes “behind” your artwork. But… why?!  Beacause, you will always know the holes are there.  Fill them.  Don’t sweep these things under the carpet. That’s how problems slowly fester.

7. Make drawers and doors open smoothly. If you have wooden drawers, if you pull them out and put a bit of candle wax on the bottom they will pull more smoothly. Make sure your doors and windows all open and close properly.

bathroom upgrade


8. Get a water filter!  If you can afford a filter for your whole home, I highly suggest you go for it.  If not:

* put a basic filter on your shower head (*I am investigating the best ones, and it has been tricky as the best I have found is very expensive, in the past I have had good luck with Sprite filters, though not as much lately!)

* put a teaspoon on Vitamin C crystals into your full bathtub a few minutes before you enter

* get a good pitcher water filter and fill a few extra glass carafes for your refrigerator.  If you do this you will never be waiting to have drinkable water!

9. Scrub your tiles with a toothbrush!  Use an eco-friendly cleaner and a toothbrush to really clean the tiles well and avoid buildup of yuck on them!  While you are at it, remove and re-caulk any old and deteriorating caulk.

10. Make your patio fantastic.  Particularly in rentals, the patio is a forgotten-about area. Don’t neglect it- it is very important!  Usually a patio will be an extension of an area of the feng shui bagua.  For example, in my new home, the patio is in the money area.  To the typical eye it might need to be swept, but what it really needs is to be deep cleaned, and it needs several fresh coats of paint to make it totally magical.

Simple things = big abundance!

xoxo Dana

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  1. ken

    When you are surrounded by beauty and inspiring views, objects, or artwork, you are more likely to think creatively, come up with new approaches to your business, and be more productive – and that makes you more money.
    Thanks Dana!

  2. Modeane

    thanks for the super hints. I have used Aquasana water filters for years, shower head & under counter filter for separate cold water faucet. Have a super day dearheart!


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