Use Your Fears To Make Your Life Bigger & Better!

May 2, 2014 | Prosperity



Change is, in many ways, married to Fear. Change might be Fear’s cousin or other semi-close relative.

All changes are vested with a disorienting quality.  That unfamiliar feeling is actually quite awesome.

After moving to a new home, the dogs went into fear.  They don’t try to hide their fear. They sniffed everything, they rolled around, they peed all over the new neighborhood, they ran in circles through the halls.  What they didn’t do: they didn’t go to sleep or sit in one place, and, they didn’t drink or smoke pot or eat crazy amounts of sugar, either!!! By the end of a day, they were settled in and sleeping soundly in lovely little balls of fur.

Fear is enormously motivating. We villify fear when, maybe, we should hunt for more of it!

Today, I wanted to share a few viewpoints and some science about fear, all in the name of suporting you in your mission to live your dreams! 


No matter what anyone says, every single person lives with some fear.

BBC did a great piece on the not-so-secret fears of leaders and CEO’s: failure.

“Just as fear at the top cannot be wished away, it needn’t incapacitate any leader, man or woman. It comes with the territory, and that’s just the way it is.  As difficult as it might be, it’s much better to acknowledge that fear is part of the job description for CEOs so that it doesn’t rise up to hurt you when you most need to be thinking clearly.” 

The trick here is to realize that even if you are not the CEO of a company, you are the CEO of your life.  You may be totally scared by risks, obstacles and circumstances… but that is just part of the job, not a reason to spin into chaos.

If you are super-passionate about doing what  you love, a litte fear is massively motivating.

An article in Good Therapy explains why people who truly do what you love love love and feel it is a part of who they are have a tendancy to find fear to be a major boost to their productivity.

“Jocelyn J. Bélanger of the University of Maryland sought to determine how negative feedback on specific tasks affected motivation in individuals fearful of failure (obsessive) and those who were passionate about their activity but less worried about setbacks (harmonious).

& her conclusion:

“fear works as a motivator for individuals with obsessive passion.” (whole article here) 

My conclusion:   given that I am one of the few people Simon Sinek ever encountered that had their logo tatooed on their body (the T from Tao), I am a huge proponent of building a life around things that are an extension of who you are at your core.  Don’t confuse this with my saying that unless you have a “job” in a classical sense that you are without mission or passion. You may have a job just to make money because your family is your passion and purpose, and that is just as legitimate of a drive… if not more of one!  You may be a student, and artist, or figuring things out. Regardless, if you know what moves you deeply and latch onto that, you will use fear to blaze through things brilliantly! All of this said, find your way to personally connect to whatever you are doing right now.

Fear can actually make you better at what you do.

“The fear certainly helps you do it better. The fear-less one might sleep better, but sleeping well doesn’t always lead to your best work. The fear can be your compass, it can set you on the right path and actually improve the quality of what you do.” ~ Seth Godin

That is a powerful statement from the brilliant Seth Godin on fear as a betterment tool.  While I suggest that you also sleep well (*feng shui tips HERE), the is nothing wrong with some sprinting rather than just riding on a happy cruise control through your days.

No matter what you do… don’t let fear make you fall asleep, check out of present time, numb yourself with recreational substances or sugar or caffiene… that will not help you get more comfortable!

Taking walks, exercise, experiencing nature… all are far more in synch with the strength and passion we all need to move through the fear and into power!  xoxo Dana

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  1. Flora

    Thank you for this.
    Best of luck in your new digs.
    May your life grow in wonderful ways in this new space.


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