Feng Shui To Help You Reconcile The Past & Live Without Limits!

May 20, 2014 | Prosperity


Unlimited and infinite. That is the truth of who we are as beings.  Down to our last quantum particle our potential is unending.

But why doesn’t it seem that way… not even a little bit.. in actual life?!

The most profoundly common issues that stand in the way of awesome todays and tomorrows are things that happened in the past… things that are deemed unforgivable.

Every type of trauma comes along with a conscious- or unconscious- red flag for the future. It’s a part of how we survive.  Once you touch a hot stove, you have a built-in aversion to putting your hand on a stove.

Stove = Burn.

Logical enough.

But… what happens when these traumas lead you to believe that all men or women are somehow not to be trusted, love is a trap, success equals pain, or any other logical computation we make when things go very wrong and we feel the need to protect ourselves?

Clearly we all have a choice: A) stay limited by the pain of the past or B) reconcile that past to expand the future.

I bet you are thinking that B is the more attractive answer.  I did, too!

Are you stuck in past trauma? 
I found this amazing “litmus test”  by Dennis Merrit Jones that can help you to see if you have really forgiven the past.  It really holds true in my experience:
“Here is a litmus test to determine if you have really forgiven someone or not:
  • Think of the person or incident you believe you have forgiven and do a quick scan of your emotions and just sit with the thought of them for a moment.
  • Is there any residue of resentment lingering in your mind and heart as you hold an image of that person?
  • Does the memory drag you out of the present moment and into the past where you then relive the experience with the negative emotions playing in an endless loop?
If you answered is yes to the above questions, you are not yet complete in your forgiveness and there is more work to be done.
Begin by realizing that forgiving doesn’t mean we are condoning the actions that evoked our resentment — it means we are willing to set ourselves free from the past by not “resending” future toxins of resentment through our mind and body” (you can read the rest at Huffington Post )
Get Rid Of The Lurking Stuff Of The Past 

I am in the process of tossing out every single photo of my mother’s ex boyfriend that has made its way into her collection of photos that have been inherited. I do not want any of his absolutely hateful energy- even in images- in my house. Every batch I find and toss creates more freedom. I think it even creates more freedom for my mom, even though she passed away three years ago.

Old photos, furniture, clothes, jewelry… it is all invested with energy.

Old-school psychics will hold a ring or another piece of clothing from a person in order to “pick up” more of their energy.  While I am not going to say that all these ring-holding psychics are valid, there is certainly a very clear idea that objects hold very personal imprints of energy.

Don’t be surprised if you start purging mountains of stuff when you decide to reconcile with your own past. It is a very incredible form of therapy!

Free Yourself Energetically From The Past 

The Emotional Freedom Technique- aka Tapping- is a great mode of self-healing that has been proven effective by many scientific studies.  Mercola published the results of an amazing study of Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: 

” Research performed by the Iraq Vets Stress Project13 also demonstrates the effectiveness of EFT. In a study that included 100 veterans with severe PTSD,14 90 percent of the veterans had such a reduction in symptoms that they no longer met the clinical criteria for PTSD after six one-hour EFT sessions! Sixty percent no longer met PTSD criteria after just three EFT sessions. At the three-month follow-up, the gains remained stable, suggesting lasting and potentially permanent resolution of the problem. ” 

While I will always say that medical and psychological professionals are paramount to handling serious, life-threatening situations, healing methods like Tapping are an incredible “boost” to therapy.

You can find incredible Tapping videos on You Tube.  I love the ones that Brad Yates makes…. you can find them HERE. 

And, of course, be good to yourself and do your best to surround yourself with powerfully happy friends. Not everything gets resolved, reconciled and forgiven overnight… but if you are really committed to peace and possibility, you can overcome anything.

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana



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  1. Parker

    Really resonant with the first week of the Course in Miracles workbook. I started recentl and also choose option B) !!


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