Being Awesome To Yourself Is The Most Major Secret To Success!

May 26, 2014 | Creativity

do what makes you happy


Taking care of yourself brilliantly is one of the best “success secrets” if ever there was one.

People laugh at me when I say this in corporate environments, as though I was suggesting that you should lay on a beach and expect money to pour in.  I have to say though, I would rather try that than have the enormous mental and physical health problems some fairly young “achievers” are plagued with from working themselves crazy.   These people who snicker also tend to be the same people who wind up hiring me to add more balance to their upside-down “achievement”-centric lives.

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I used to work myself frantic because I felt I had to in order to prove that I was worthy of achieving things. Running in different directions, saying yes to everything, thinking that the more that I did, the more success I would have.  I didn’t. No success. I did spend about a month all-tolled in the hospital at a pretty young age.

Many of my friends had- and still have- brutal jobs that require over 10 or 12 hours at an office or glued to a screen a day, even on weekends, with the idea of a vacation sounding like a scary proposition because its a chance to fall behind. None of them have very much to show for their self-sacrifice, even if they are making a decent amount of money.

It occured to me, while hysterically crying after working 16 hours straight about 8 years ago:

If I am falling apart now, just to keep up with what I am doing, how am I ever going to be able to manage a life with more good things?! How am I going to to live my dreams if I am already melting where I am?

With that— I quit 16-hour days! And, while I don’t suggest you quit your life (!) as I did in part out of necessity, you may want to ask yourself a similar question:

Do I have the energy to live my dreams- the big things I long to have- right now… or is my life already too much for me to manage?

Now: start to simplify.

And sleep.

Take more breaks.

Develop better habits.

Create things that make you excited about life, especially if they seem frivolous.

Be more romantic. Fashionable. Poetic.

Walk around and smell the roses.

You get the gist.

If you are not quite convinced that you won’t “lose your footing” in your career or your life in some way if you take a break, here’s a bit more of the feng shui theory behind attracting amazing things into your life.   All that “achievement”action might be the energy that is chasing away your success that should be flowing in! 

xoxo Dana


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xoxo Dana


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