6 Ways To Find Yourself And Your Creative Talents In A State Of Bliss!

Jun 21, 2014 | Sensory Goodness


We all have moments where we want to lose ourselves.

I believe that’s because we search for ways to find our forgotten magic and we can’t find it easily in daily life.

Escape is- for some- a functioning reality.

As a ex-escapist on a high level of marajuana and skipping meals just long enough to feel free of Earth, I understand the ecapist vibe- it can bring you out of the confines of the day-to-day and carry you to another dimension.

How you escape, though, can either help you to find more of yourself or nudge you farther from all the talents, dreams and secret wants that you may hae stuffed away, shelved and let collect dust in the confines of your mind.

Today is all about simple ways to escape to yourself rather that away from all that makes you awesome. 

Exploring your local worlds of wonder.

Flea markets, farmers marts, your local florist, a trip to the beach to collect pebbles and shells, even a good day at the local library can all yeild heaps of inspiration.

I find art in alley ways, perfect succulents mixed into drought-scorched lawns…

Everywhere there’s something to see and learn.


Creating views to contemplate.  While one lonely yet robust tree is on my patio for the moment, I have framed a view I am ready to fill in with flowers, stones, veggies and vines.

You can create a view with landscape art , a favorite blown-up photo, or just about anything else you can think of that feels good.

kale shake

Deep, dark, leafy greens.  The most vibrantly important health fact I learned recently is that dark, leafy greens create pathways to more happiness in your brain while taking you to a blissful state of energized.

Kale can change your life!  Dr. Drew Ramsey’s work on kale as an antidepressant is mind-blowing.

Not only is this a boost for your health, it’s a simple way to connect your personal energy with that of plants.


Watch some moving water.

Water is the start of the energy cycle in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Its where you can become introspective and gain an expansive connection to who you are in a very gentle, natural way.

Fountains, streams, even fish in bowls help amplify the flow of life-giving liquid.

love affirmation

Love affirmations. 

Love, love, love!!!  My dear friends— that’s what life is about!

While you may not be able to blanket your home in love affirmations that are as clever as these magnets, you can absolutely manage a little post in on your mirror in the bathroom, or a reminder on your calendar every day to tell yourself how much you love yourself… and how much you are open to love.

THIS 2-minute exercise can help you really get drunk on love for yourself and your life every day! 

dotera serenity

Deeply energetic essential oils.

Serenity was a gift from the extraordinary health guru Elissa Goodman this week… and I simple can’t get enough of it!  Filled with everything from lavender to vanilla to yang-ylang, this is a delicious and marvelously rich dose of ecstasy that will help you to sink in- rather than space out- of your creative soul.

I have been walking in very colorful, very soft and very supportive clouds of bliss lately, all fueled by checking into life rather than checking out of it!

I know you’ll find magic for yourself if you check in to all that you love and let that be what moves you forward every day…!

xoxo Dana



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