5 Feng Shui Ways To Elevate Your Life To Exceptional Heights!

Jun 26, 2014 | Sensory Goodness


Well, good morning Bob!

Sitting down to work with my puppy after weeks away, both of us yawning and stretching in bliss together, it became very clear to me that this week’s lifestyle goodies are all about connection to blissful transcendence.  You can rise above the ordinary- even the stuck parts of life and the stuff you don’t like that you still have to deal with- when you connect to all that you love, all that makes you feel intensely yourself, wider, brighter and much more alive!

Of course, today’s lifestyle excellence is all about hugging the ones you love as close to you as possible. (*It reminds me a ton of the Rice Experiment that you can watch HERE)  The closer you are to that true connection, the more the world grows wider around that love.

This week filled with the divine and the ridiculously fun left me with much to share in terms of elevating life to a place that feels-  and is-  exceptional.


This is a flashing back to when I was in Boulder, home of the most miraculous nature and real harmony with the natural. There are places and people that somewhat effortlessly open up your eyes and your heart.  I think you can tell how happy I am in the air and the trees and the total openness?!


Super-superfoods: Taking home a bit of Boulder, this superfood beauty fix makes me smile… !  One of the most critical lessons of the last two weeks is that food creates mood in every way.  More kale = more happiness.  It has been studied and prescribed by doctors on the forefront of medicine.  And these beauty superfood packets from Skoop filled with beets, Japanese flowers, berries and other yummy stuff are an elegantly simple way to mix some energy bliss into the average day.   Happy people are definitely more beautiful!!!


Synchronicity: Reading a little Jung always puts me in a cosmic tailspin.  If you are not familiar with the boundary-breaking philosophy and inquisition into the state of the world that Carl Jung brought to psychology and philosophy, you are in for a mind-expanding treat!

Even if you are… let me remind you of one concept: synchronicity.

Synchronicity- the idea that when you think of something things somewhat magically line up and present themselves to match your thoughts- long out-dates the Law Of Attraction!   Jung immersed himself in the mystical world of the unknown to determine patterns and dig beneath them to show that we literally do live in a place of immense magic on earth.  For Jung, nothing was coincidence.

Transcending the ordinary can be as simple as exploring your dreams, owning your feelings, and suspending “reality’ as you know it.  In this meditative place you can get closer to Jung’s way of living in-between universes.

At its most basic and simple, synchronicity can teach us all that nothing is an accident and everything in the universe is interrelated.

That is big.


The story of stones. Botswana Agate is absolutely magnificent. The story behind this stone: it is thought to enhance creativity, help you see the details in life and find solutions to vexing problems.  How cool is that?!  

Every stone has a story in the lore of crystals and gems.  You can select stones based on what you are attracted to and then read their stories to see how they illuminate your day-to-day reality.

When you find beautiful things that remind you of your higher aims, bring them into your space. You can keep your eye on the dazzling big picture every time you see these objects,  rather than focusing on anything that feels boring or commonplace.  Since expectations create reality, you may as well expect amazing things! 

botanical gardens

Orchestrated gardens.  Strolling through the vibrance of the Denver Botanical Gardens, the care and order of the space was moving.  Even your window sill herbs can be designed into something more special if you take time to culvitate a connection to them.

In essence, when you plant gardens and acquire plants, you bring them into your life as a part of you.  They are alive… and you have taken responsibility for their abilty to thrive.  This synergy is a big part of art and creativity.  Your ideas and your vision have as much potential energy as a growing plant, and it is up to you to shape them and care for them.

If you can’t create a garden on your own where you live, seek out a beautiful park or botanical garden to wander. Go to a flower mart or even a florist.  Blend your creative spirit with vegetation, trees and flowers.  It is otherworldly.

Since I am such a champion of living in the moment, you might wonder why I am so enamored with transcendence, or a seeming escape of the present.

If you try a little meditation, some natural bliss or an infusion of lots of love in your life you will experience that most awesome paradox- rising into your happiest and most extraordinary feelings that are almost an out-of-body experience at their height actually is being present.

It is reality.  And it is awesome!  And… I hope you try it!!!  

xoxo Dana



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  1. maggie

    Ah, I love your pup! Sounds like you had an amazing time in Boulder, and I am definitely going to have to brush up on my Jung.



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