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Jun 30, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

fourth of july


It’s time for more Summertime Feng Shui!  With fireworks erupting in the air, its a magic time to both celebrate and affirm our solidarity as human beings, no matte where we live.  Today I am thrilled to share some amazing feng shui’d ideas for a memorable 4th of July from my personal mentor & teacher in all things feng shui, Dr. Gabriele Van Zon.

fourth of july


Stay Cool On The Fourth of July! by Gabriele Van Zon of Feng Shui Universal

On the Fourth of July we commemorate the approval of the Declaration of Independence by Congress in 1776.  It is a statement that was prepared by the Committee of Five and whose principle author was Thomas Jefferson.  If it is yet debatable exactly on which day the document was signed, the Fourth is on the calendar in more ways than one.  Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826 as did James Monroe on July 4th, 1831 as if confirming the Founding Fathers’ vision specific to this day of liberation from colonial restraints.

For us this holiday comes at the half way mark of the year on the 185th day and therefore should feel central to what we intend to achieve for the year.  It is a good point in time to check our inventory of intentions and revise those that no longer serve us.  All holidays should strike a balance between celebrations in general and reflections on what they mean as a personal event.  Feng shui provides guidelines for staging this personal experience.

A holiday should always be a day of rest, however, the height of summer is so full of action that there is little time for relaxation, especially around the Fourth of July. No one would doubt that the fire element is dominant during this vibrant time of the year.  Activities abound with entertainment, picnics, celebrations and parties, often culminating in spectacular fireworks.

fourth of july flowers


Fire energy is everywhere!  This is a period of yang energy with heat, long days and lots of action.  Too much of this yang energy can lead to excess, ending in exhaustion, sunstroke and collapse.  The keyword is balance.  Add yin to hold excessive yang in check.

Be mindful of our feng shui tips for cooling the yang of fire energy:

  • Yang foods such as grilled meats fresh off the BBQ pit should be paired with cooling salads and summer vegetables.
  • Parades and marching bands should be watched from a shady perch or under the wide brim of a straw hat.
  • Beach time and sunbathing is best under a large umbrella to protect you from dangerous rays.  Reflections will still impart a golden tan as you lounge comfortably in the shade.
  • A garden should have shade trees or an outdoor room with an awning, a pergola or a large parasol.
  • Add cool colors to your floral designs and mix in blues and dark purples.
  • A fountain or waterfall adds a cool mist and rainbows for visual perks.
  • Add water sounds to your audio experience.
  • Wear light colors and flowing fabrics or cover up with UV protective clothing.
  • Keep bugs at bay with citronella or herbal sprays.
  • Keep fans going on low speed for gently moving qi between spaces.
  • Dim bright lights and replace bulbs with cool LEDs


Inside of our homes we may think about seasonal changes that could create a different feeling and a better thermal experience during the summer months.  Temperature differences between the outside and inside should not be too dramatic.  Therefore, in addition to air conditioning, we should think of additional cooling devices.  Personally, I like a change of fabrics such as slipcovers and summer quilts, or light cotton rugs to replace the wooly dark ones.  This involves work but also a good opportunity to find the cobwebs behind the sofa and the crumbs under the carpet pad.

In Chinese tradition, art work was displayed seasonally, an easy task if your summer landscape or water scene was on a scroll that you could simply unfurl while rolling up your snows of winter.  If these indoor changes are too complex for your preferences, perhaps you could just replace your cashmere throw with a cool cotton quilt.

Put a lush green plant or a colorful bouquet of flowers to shroud the unused cavity of your fire place.  It will be your tao connection to nature and your indoor reminder that outdoor activities beckon for summer fun and activities.

Gabriele, you are so brilliant!  xoxo Dana 




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