5 Ways To Find More Bliss In A Day!

Aug 5, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

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While I sit and do my Buddhist morning practice, Bob slips into bliss with me.  Its a state of not quite awake, not quite asleep, smiling and yet so serene.  Bliss is what I call “grounded power” Your feet are on the ground and your head can still reach for the clouds.  This feeling of bliss is unbeatable, and its supplies are seemingly endless… you just need to find your way into its gorgeous grip. 


5 Ways to Find More Bliss In A Day!

1. Activate your sense of touch. 

Touch is luxurious.  Touch is personal.  Touch is also very high-concept.

Touch textures that make you feel lovely.

Throw on your favorite T-shirt, find a soft rug for under your feet, pet your animals, get softer towels in your bathroom…

A little high-touch touch sensation creates a major amount of sensory bliss.

2. Eat blissful foods.

The most blissful food in the world to me is Raw Cacao butter.  I made this yummmmmmy white chocolate bark that carries me into a heightened state of awareness (or so I say!)…  Raw Cacao itself though, is high-level bliss for the person who can eat chocolate.

Blissful foods to me are without refined sugar, without chemicals, unprocessed and organic as much as possible.

If you have a go-to feel-good snack like a candy bar that leaves you miserable later, see if you can swap it out for dark chocolate or cacao.

Now… don’t confuse sweet with bliss.  Eating regularly and often will keep you in a far more balanced state of calm than skipping meals and burning through caffeine all day in place of nutrition.


3. Chase rainbows. 

Another way to say this is— travel more. And explore more in your own  neighborhood.

It is amazing all of the things that I see and do when guests come to Los Angeles. The Observatory! The Hollywood Sign! The canyons in Santa Monica!  The gorgeous Malibu beaches!  Every visitor would leave me thinking to myself, Why don’t I do this when I am on my own?!

There are many rainbows to chase wherever you live.  You can hop in your car, jump on a train, take a long walk or anything else that brings you to new sights, sounds and potential pots of gold.

Lately, I have been travelling tons and I have no desire to slow down my wanderlust. Its been one of the best things for my mind, body and spirit.  Whether it’s seeing new flowers or exploring new artisan shops, hiking on new trails or experiencing a new version of local culture, every trip is expansive if you allow it to be expansive.

4. Take breaks for your spirit. 

Perfect way to lead into the bliss of what I call “spirit breaks”.  Sometimes you need to rest, but you can’t quite sleep. The 20 minutes before a phone call or the 45 minutes before a dinner.  Your time spent in a waiting room or on a big line somewhere.

What do you do in these situations?

I’m sure many of you text or surf the Internet.

You might want to try a little meditation break instead (two easy ways to get started are right HERE) or try some journaling instead.  Even some poetry reading can do wonders to boost up your whole inspired being.

5. Love freely… in every way. 

One of the coolest parts of feng shui in my eyes is the fact that your compassion feeds your personal empowerment. Living with love for the world is the best way, following this line of thought, to become very prosperous on every level.   Share lots of love without expecting things in return. Be kinder to the people who are unkind to you.  Focus on finding the positive- the love- in everyone.  Even that person who was unthinkably rude to you. They need your love the most.

When you do this actively— spreading and sharing love– you will literally become bigger and brighter.  It never fails.

How do you find your bliss?  Send me more ways and I am happy to share… In fact, I think we should have a bliss data base on the blog, don’t you?!  xoxo Dana

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  1. Dee

    hi!! what’s those cool glass beads with the pom-poms in the picture? is that for your buddhist morning practice

    • danaclaudat

      yes they are! the pom poms store the benefits of the practice, and the cool crystal beads each represent one of the 108 desires that we are thought to have in Buddhism 🙂


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